Episode Eighty: Discovering the root causes of autoimmune disease

During this episode, I chat to Dr Donna Mazzola about discovering the root causes of autoimmune disease, understanding the signs and symptoms and the power of your thyroid. 

Donna shares how hashimoto disease is an autoimmune disorder affecting the thyroid gland and how the thyroid gland is the powerhouse of your body. It’s responsible for your metabolism and energy. Donna talks about how when it’s being attacked you suffer, the symptoms tiredness, stress, and being run down are typical first symptoms to look out for. It’s when your thyroid is slowed down within your body and it can go unnoticed for many years as we are taught to believe that tiredness is normal. 

Donna talks about the biggest factors in society that lead to thyroid disease, like stress, lifestyle, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and movement impact your immune system. The importance of getting to the root of the immune system and determining what’s happening there. Donna shares ways to prevent these factors, lessen stress, sleep eight to nine hours each night, movement each day, eat a plant diet, environmental changes like removing toxic cleaning supplies. Donna shares her personal story of how stress impacted her during the pandemic and the effects this had on her body and health. She shares how it’s a journey to make these powerful changes in your life and to peel back one layer at a time. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss the link between gut health and thyroid hormones. How everything that enters your body, your gut forms a layer of good bacteria protection so it doesn’t go through to your blood. We break down that good bacteria barrier and impact our stomach acid when we get bad processed foods. Which results in constant bloating and causes an inflammatory state.  We talk about how our gut is so important and often overlooked. We chat about how the gut wall is only one cell layer thick and easy to damage with toxic foods but the key is that you can build it back up with good nutrition. 

Donna shares ways that you can start healing your gut today by doing an illumination diet and removing inflammatory foods, sugars, processed foods and dairy. Removing those foods for thirty days and then reintroducing those foods three days at a time and assessing the response your gut has. If you have an intolerance to these foods it will show up and that’s the sign to avoid those particular foods. Donna has a gut protocol document that you can download here

Donna shares how to weed out common food issues and food recommendations for an overall good diet by eating the rainbow and including nine to twelve servings of plants a day. Donna talks about how food is medicine and how our gut health has the power to change our life. 

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to discovering the root causes of autoimmune disease


About Dr Donna Mazzola 

Donna Mazzola, is a Pharmacist who has always had a fascination with natural healing and preventative care. After obtaining a Doctorate in Pharmacy, Donna realized that medicine has a place in healing, but it’s the balance between nutrition and medicine that impacts disease. This fascination became an obsession after a personal diagnosis with Hashimotos in 2015. Her disease pushed her to embark on a journey to seek answers and identify the root cause related to the rise in autoimmune and other inflammatory chronic conditions. On this journey she obtained Master’s degree in Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition and gave birth to Dr.AutoimmuneGirl, her persona and passion to empower people with the knowledge to take control of their health. Donna is on a mission to educate the world on the healing powers of food and give meaning to the concept of food as medicine. She runs the blog http://drautoimmunuegirl.com to share reputable scientific information related to nutrition and health. Donna is the author of the “Immunity Food Fix”, a guide to 100 Superfoods and Nutrition Hacks to Reverse Inflammation, Prevent Illness, and Boost Your Immunity! 

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Discovering the root cause of autoimmune disease 

Biggest factors in society that lead to thyroid disease 

The link between gut health and thyroid hormones 

How to heal gut issues 

Environmental toxins and how they affect the thyroid 

Food recommendations for overall healthy diet 


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