Episode Seventy Eight: Using your voice to support your mental health

During this episode, I chat to Alice about her personal mental health journey and how she now tells her mental health journey so openly. She shares about losing her Dad to suicide at ten years old and how this really set up a path for her life. She wanted to be happy but not speak about her loss and ignored it. She shares how she didn’t speak about it for eleven years and really suffered in silence. When she moved to Australia she felt like she got to be whoever she wanted to be and wanted to start speaking about mental health. Her journey began by speaking to a phycologist to open up and break down the barriers she had built up. Alice talks about the benefits of speaking to a psychologist about whatever is happening in your life and how you don’t need to suffer in silence as she did. Alice shares why she wants to speak openly and honestly about her mental health experiences to break down the stigma. 

Alice shares her go-to things that can support your mental health during hard times. Alice shares her personal toolkit that she goes to that really supports her things like, yoga, meditation, reaching out to a loved one to chat, ocean swims, exercise, getting out of bed and making your bed. She talks about how it’s the small things that will pick you up and why it’s okay to not be okay and to feel different, that’s what makes you special. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss why mental health and suicide are taboo topics and how we can break down that stigma. We talk about ways that you can check-in with a friend that you are worried about. The importance of making sure that you have the emotional capacity first to reach out to ensure that you can give them the best support that they need. The power of listening with an open, non-judgemental mind and how they sometimes don’t need advice but someone to listen to them. How to educate yourself on things that they could do if they are struggling to be able to offer that support to your friend. 

Alice provides ways to find the right support system for you and the importance of seeing a psychologist who feels like the right fit for you. She explains how you might not meet your right physiologist first but to keep searching and not to give up hope, there is someone out there for you. 

Alice shares ways that you can fall more in love with your body and the power of thanking your body for what it does for you each day. She talks about grounding tips to love yourself as you are and how talking openly about your mental health will be the best decision you make. 

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to using your voice to support your mental health.


About Alice 

Alice is an activist for mental health & body acceptance. Alice has a lived experience of mental ill-health and has suffered in silence for 11 years, she lost her dad to suicide when she was 10 and didn’t talk to anyone about it until she was 21.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

How to use your voice to support your mental health

The stigma around mental health and suicide 

How to check-in with a friend who is struggling

Tips for finding the right support system

How to fall more in love with your body

Grounding tips to love yourself as you are 


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