Episode Seventy Seven: Flipping your mindset story

During this episode, I chat to Casi about flipping your mindset story and how this can empower your life. Casi is a transformational life coach, fitness instructor and runs the podcast called PODCAS, she is passionate about mindset management, spiritual development, mental health, manifestation and truth-seeking. 

Casi talks about the common ways that we block ourselves from living a life that we love. Casi shares how excuses are the common blocker and how they don’t come through as excuses but legitimate reasons. She talks about how excuses hold you back and how you will never have what you desire if you continue like this. This is the time to take back our power, to do it internally and individually. There is so much beneath the surface to be able to clear out to find freedom in our power. Casi shares empowering questions to ask yourself like, what are you doing for yourself? When you are feeling like you don’t have support, how are you supporting yourself? When we take radical responsibility for our life that’s where the power comes from by turning your brain off and putting your antennas on. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss starting blocks to unblock these issues that are coming up to deeply experience a life that you want to live. How ultimately it comes to how we are living each day and focusing on habits that we do. We talk about tools to support the unblocking process like gratitude, journaling, shaking it out of the body, getting out of the mind a little bit to allow what comes up and out. Stepping into more feminine energies to understand and accept yourself, discuss what’s going on and really looking under the surface to get to the key issues to uncover. 

Casi shares how radical acceptance is necessary for radical transformation. She talks about how in order to change you have to first truly accept yourself where you are right now and how this is a doorway to transformation. When we do accept ourselves we see ourselves as we truly are, it’s not superficial love, it’s real deep love and it all stems from inner work. Really seeing yourself, feeling yourself and being seen in your emotions. Then we can become aware of our true selves. 

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to flipping the mindset story. 

About Casi

Casi Desarro is a transformational life coach, fitness instructor and runs the podcast called PODCAS, she is passionate about mindset management, spiritual development, mental health, manifestation, truth-seeking & more!

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

Flipping your mindset story

Common ways you can block yourself from living a life you love

How radical acceptance is necessary for radical transformation

What meditation really is 

How to transmute the resistance 

Why our identity is fucking us over 

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