Episode Seventy Five: Investigating the root cause of health issues

During this episode, I chat to Kirsty about her personal health journey and how she came to do the work she does today. Kirsty talks about how gut health has affected herself and her family. Kirsty talks about how for as long as she can remember she’s had health problems. But it wasn’t until she became a mum that she realised that something much more serious was going on. Feeling “not quite right” had bigger consequences than she had ever thought possible. When her son became very ill she was determined to do anything she could to change the course of their lives. During her intensive research on gut health and probiotics, she began the healing journey between gut and brain health. 

Kirsty shares what issues can be at play if you’ve tried eating all of the healthiest foods but still having issues. How it all comes down to our micro biome in our gut. She talks about how our gut is an amazing space full of bacteria, fungi and they do so much for us. However, what is happening in today’s environment with overgrowth in pathogens and other unwanted gut bacteria we are seeing a limited amount of the good guys, like beneficial bacteria.  Kirsty shares how your diet doesn’t choose to feed the good bacteria, so we have to get a little bit smarter to make sure we eliminate the bad bacteria to only feed the good bacteria’s. For example if smoothies are full of natural fruit sugars they are going to be feeding the pathogens because they don’t care what you are eating as it’s all carbs and sugar to them. What you need to determine is what are the foods that are going to feed you and your body and the good bacteria to get that balance back again.

Throughout this episode, we discuss recommended tests if you suspect an overgrowth of unwanted pathogens and how tests don’t guess when it comes to your gut health. We talk about microbiome testing and how it shows a breakdown of what is going on in your gut, but also tests what the bacteria in your gut is doing and that’s the key thing to get started. You can measure your improvements and know that you are making changes and does wonders for your mental health. We discuss how to work through the test results if you have bad bacteria by looking at a diet that works for you that will have the right results. 

Kirsty shares what parasites are and the impact they have on our gut health. Kirsty talks about if you are having mental health issues your gut needs to be looked at as well, as they are connected. Kirsty shares how to do proper detox cleanses, the pathways and fermented recipes to try. 

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to investigating the root cause of health issues. 


About Kirsty 

Kirsty Wirth is the founder of Kultured Wellness, a company whose mission is to inspire and educate people to take control of their health by eating real and fermented foods that nourishes the brain and the gut. She is the brainchild behind the Kultured Wellness Culture Starters and functional supplements, the Kultured Wellness Optimal Gut Healing Programs and is the co-author of GUTALICIOUS. Kirsty has appeared on numerous leading health and wellness podcasts and is well known for being able to break down complex concepts into easy to understand information.

Her research and work in the area of gut health has been life-changing for many of her clients. Her qualification and experience in education, teaching and research spans over 15 years and continues to drive her purpose of empowering the community to gain knowledge and understanding so they can be well and thrive. She is a HUGE nature lover, a mother, a fervent advocate for children on the spectrum, you just can’t help but be touched by her spirit and infectious enthusiasm.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

Investigating the root cause of health issues

The connection between gut health and the brain

What testing to take if you are having gut or health issues

What parasites are and the impact it has on us 

How to do proper cleanses 

Go to ferments to improve the gut 


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