Episode Seventy Four: Understanding the levels of consciousness

During this episode, I chat to Nick about his journey to teaching others about the levels of consciousness and the work of Dr David Hawkins. Nick is passionate about metaphysics, consciousness mapping, and healing through learning the ways of the shadow self and understanding the infinite nature of reality. He talks about his fascination with learning about the human and universal experience of consciousness. Nick talks about the power of kinesiology and breaks down what it actually is and how it supports our bodies. 

Nick explains the 3D to 5D consciousness shifts in an easier to understand format. He explains how 3D is the body and is in the lower levels of consciousness. The levels of emotions that you can find here are shame, guilt, hopelessness, fear, desire to change, anger and pride. Nick shares how 4D is the level of the mind and the intellectual phase when we release opinions to transcend. The levels of emotions you can find here are courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance and logic. Nicks talks about 5D how it’s a non-linear realm of emotions like love, joy, peace and enlightenment. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss the different frequencies and how they affect us. How everything is consciousness and in order to have an experience there has to be two factors. Imagine that your body is a glass of water, your frequency is how full your glass is. Consciousness is a formless water like you are, your frequency affects you based on the amount of water you have filled. For example, if you are angry you aren’t allowing the cup to fill up which results in having effects on your body like a drop in energy levels. 

Nick talks about the ego loop vs the consciousness spiral and how having this knowledge can support you. Nick talks about how within the 3D lower levels of consciousness, your ego or body is trying to keep you alive. How without soul discernment it keeps you on a constant loop. For example, if you keep pushing anger down it will still be there, it doesn’t have any programming to change it just loops. Your ego tells you, you will stay alive in the loop, if you let the anger go a little bit more life changes and brings you into the consciousness. Nick shares that to level up in consciousness you just have to feel the emotion and let it go. It’s important to take the wisdom of others and use it to see if it supports you and works for you.

Nick shares what consciousness mapping is, how it’s mapping out what you find in your consciousness and he shares ways that you can start mapping your own consciousness today. 

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to understanding the levels of consciousness


About Nick

Nick is passionate about Metaphysics, Consciousness Mapping, and Healing through learning the ways of the shadow self and understanding the infinite nature of reality. He is fascinated with learning about the human and universal experience of consciousness and enjoys sharing what he finds along the way.

More info can be found through his website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Understanding the levels of consciousness 

Explanation of the 3D – 5D consciousness shifts 

The ego vs the consciousness spiral 

The different chakras and how to tap into their wisdom 

What kinesiology is and why it’s so powerful 

Consciousness mapping


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