Episode Seventy One: Unlocking poor gut health and bloating

During this episode, I chat to Brooke about her health journey how she had her own issues of fatigue, digestive problems and skin issues. Brooke talks about how these were the three areas of health that she struggled with in her twenties, which were due to poor lifestyle and health. She talks about how she thought it was an external force at play and soon realised that nutrition was the main factor. Brooke shares that if your gut health is in the right place, it can impact your overall health. 

Brooke shares the most common causes of bloating and how your body will change as you digest your food. How it’s not normal to have a flat tummy after eating. Brooke talks about what causes constipation, which tests to do and what are common gas-producing foods. Brooke shares how bloating is generally a result of excess gas production. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss game-changing ways that you can start reducing bloating and gut health issues. We talk about the right tests to take, which foods to stay away from and which foods will support your gut health. We discuss how parasites fit into bloating, the common parasites in Australia and gentle ways to reduce the levels of parasites whilst improving levels of good bacteria. We talk about the biggest contributors to having a sad microbiome like a poor western diet, not having enough fibre, eating processed foods and how much of an impact stress can have on your overall gut health. 

Brooke shares how chewing well and eating properly is the key to reducing bloating and creating a well balanced digestive system. Create a ritual when eating meals by slowing down and chewing each mouthful. Brooke talks about the foods that are big contributors to bloating and how food is rarely the problem it is the messenger in relation to food intolerances. 

Brooke offers impactful ways to reduce bloating from herbal teas to fibre and movement each day. She shares recommendations to improve the way you eat by tuning into your eating and recognising if you are eating quickly or eating triggers when you are stressed. 

Tune in to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to unlocking poor gut health and bloating!


About Brooke

Brooke Schiller is a degree-qualified naturopath and nutritionist based in Sydney, with a passion for digestive health. Brooke follows an evidence-based approach and has a deep love of learning. Her own health journey led her to the herbal medicine path, and now her greatest pleasure and number one driver is guiding people to better health.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

The main causes of bloating 

How parasites fit into bloating and poor gut health

Biggest contributors to having a sad microbiome

Foods that can cause bloating

Food intolerance tests to take 

Ways to reduce bloating 

Recommendations to improve the way you eat 


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