Episode Seventy: Manifesting everything you desire

During this episode, I chat to Katie about her first spiritual awakening during a goal-setting yoga training where she realised that she can be and have what she desires. She was guided to put together a vision of the desired life then guided into meditation to visualise her vision, where she wanted to be and what she wanted to be doing. Katie talks about her experience growing up in a religious background and the transition into becoming a spiritual witch. 

Katie shares how manifesting isn’t about getting what you want, how it’s bigger than that and it’s about helping the collective through your powers and experiences. She talks about how manifesting isn’t how it looks or how we see it, it’s not about living say in a van it’s about how a spirit wants to work through me during this time. It’s less about the physical things but how the universe will use your talents and your experiences to create a better more healed world. She shares how your desires are your divine guide. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss the key principles with manifesting and dive into the manifestation cycle. We discuss the importance of remembering that you are a spirit in a human body during this lifetime. Understanding how we are spirits having a human experience and once you embody it you have unlocked manifestation because you understand you are the universe and are creating what you are experiencing. We talk about the manifestation cycle how it works by setting a goal, then understanding those negative thoughts and limiting stories will arise and that’s your opportunity to do shadow work by processing and releasing these limiting thoughts. You will then be able to receive inspired action steps that will take you towards your goal. 

Katie talks about how to take inspired action to manifest without the hustle mindset. How it comes from a place of you already believing that it is possible and you can have it. Setting a goal that you can have that’s a stretch but not so big that you are scared to try. You will receive those inspired action steps when you trust yourself and the process. Katie also shares manifestation practices that you can try today that will allow you to bring forward everything that you desire in this lifetime. 

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About Katie

Katie J. Jones is a Manifestation Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, and Spiritual Witch on a mission to help the world heal through the power of aligned, intentional manifestation.

She does this by holding space for growth and transformation through a spiritual, yet practical, coaching style for groups, private clients, community gatherings, and retreats.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Manifesting everything you desire

The key principals with manifesting

Not having to hustle hard to manifest

The manifestation cycle

Advice to trust your inspired action

What shadow work is and how it supports you to go deeper

Empowering manifestation practices 


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