Episode Sixty Nine: Gaining more clarity in our life

During this episode, I chat to Kiran about her journey into spirituality, we talked about her spontaneous awakening into her original nature and the different awakenings that can happen in your life. Kiran talks about how awakening into organic nature is coming out of the person you are and is a vast awakening where one is shattered. Kiran shares about in her life prior to this, she did a lot of human development work and it had a lot to do with working with a lot of organisations to help people have normal development patterns. Then she had this awakening and she mentions she wasn’t into spirituality until after the awakening. She shares how her life and everything she knew blew apart and started the ten years of transforming everything she once knew. 

Kiran shares her belief around how clarity is not man-made but deeper. When clarity arrives it’s a relief and it’s important to know that it’s a repeatable resource. She talks about how it doesn’t come from sorting through your thoughts or categorising your thoughts. Clarity works with truth rather then reality. Kiran shares that the way you find it is through reality and being in the present moment. By tapping into awareness of what’s happening around you, how you enter reality which is truth and the more time you spend here the deeper it gets. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss ways to realise that you are acting in a place of clarity. We talk about how you need to recognise when it’s fear or when it’s clarity and how when it’s reality that’s the truth. We discuss a tool that Kiran uses with her clients that’s called ‘Delicious Yes’. How when you have to make a choice, pause and come into your body, build awareness and ask yourself would this be delicious for me right now? Only making decisions based on feeling a delicious yes as the response, that’s when you know it’s a truthful decision for you. 

Kiran shares her thoughts around true meditation and what it means to her. How the value of meditation is to connect to the source and that is going to give us clarity.  How we can also trance out which is actually disconnecting from ourselves and the present moment which is not mediation. Kiran shares that true meditation could be anything, it’s the act of allowing you to enter the present moment with the depth to reconnect. 

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to gaining more clarity in your life. 


About Kiran 

Kiran Trace is a human development expert & spiritual teacher with more than 15 years of clinical experience in the development field. She has specialized in the last 7 years with adults in holistic healing.

Internationally renowned teacher, speaker, and author, Kiran Trace, died of a massive spontaneous awakening. Nearly a decade later and due to numerous requests, including a fair amount of peer pressure, she began to talk and teach.

She is a human development expert and well known as a game-changer, synergistically impacting hundreds and thousands of people worldwide with dramatic results. She is known for her cheeky, no bullshit, straight talk. Because she spontaneously awoke to her original nature, with no prior spiritual background, people often call her teachings “fresh”. she has developed a unique set of practical and elegant tools which produce rapid freedom from suffering. Her approach is infused with a combination of compassion, humor, and startling clarity.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Gaining more clarity in our life

The different awakenings you can go through in your life

What is clarity and how to feel into it 

How to realise your acting from a place of clarity 

Making conscious decisions 

What true meditation is 

Cutting the bullshit around spiritual awakenings 


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