Episode Sixty Eight: Reclaiming the sacred rites of passages

During this episode, I chat to Romina about her awakening to learning about the sacred rites of passages and the power of being in circle with other women. Romina shares how after the birth of her first child she learnt about the world of being a doula and started connecting with people in the home birth community. She then went on to study within this industry and dived into Jane Hardwick Collins work. Romina shares her unique experience that led her to where she is today. 

Romina talks about the wounded feminine and what it means to her. How we have for so many years been living in the common age that teaches us that we need to be in a battle against other women when in fact we should be lifting each other up. She believes that we need to start being educated from a young age about our body, spirit, menstrual health and how that is the foundation of wounded feminine. Romina also shares how we can begin to heal and awake the divine feminine within us all by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with other women. Seeing every woman as a equal and knowing that you don’t have to go through this alone. 

Romina shares the power of women gathering in circles and how to create one for yourself. How gathering in circles is not new but something that we have forgotten in history, when you create a safe space for women to come together they feel at ease by being in that safe space to be who they are. Discover circles in your local community, join in and feel the power for yourself. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss the rites of passages that are the most important but are not celebrated as they should be. We talk about the common ones like the birthing of your child, monarchy and having your first bleed and death. The importance of these rites of passages and how you can start celebrating and educating your children about them. We talk about how you can create a bond between life, death and the cycle of life. 

Romina talks about how we can dig deeper into changing what we need to change while also honouring ourselves in the process. Understanding that we are all changeable creatures, we learn from our mistakes and that’s how we change and evolve. We are guiding our life journey and we have the key to change the path. 

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to reclaiming the sacred rites of passages.


About Romina 

Romi is the woman, Mother, daughter, sister, friend, lover and Goddess behind SoulBirth. 

She lives and works in the beautiful Blue Mountains with her husband Dom, their son Oli, daughter Alma and their dog Quincy. Her vision in life is to hold space and nurture women and the sisterhood, to hold space for the collective and for our communities. To grow as part of a tribe, so she facilitates Women’s circles, hold events for different celebrations throughout the year, she sits with women as their Doula, and continue to learn different practices that surround and focuses on women’s work.

She is part of the change and the revolution, and by reclaiming the sacred rites of passage we all go through in our lives, she believes we hold the power to change our lives immensely. She holds space and believes in being held by our tribe, and honoring the teachings within the cycles of our Earth, and channel these through everyday practice because we are all keepers of the sacredness of this land.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Reclaiming the sacred rites of passages 

The power of women circles 

How to join a women’s circle 

Rites of passages that you can start celebrating

Creating a bond between life and death 

Integrating rituals into your everyday life 


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