Episode Sixty Seven: Connection between gut health and mindset

During this episode, I chat to Anthia about the connection between gut health and our mindset. Anthia shares how gut health is overlooked in times of stress and the biggest things that cause unbalanced gut health. We hear insightful tips from Anthia around stress and how we can manage during these times. 

Anthia offers advice on discovering what is driving imbalances within your body by asking yourself what’s happening around you that could be adding to your stress. Taking a moment of calmness to assess your situation to really connect to the root cause of your stress. Looking at the holistic perspective to not just look at the gut but everything else around you. Anthia discusses the role of the nervous system during a time of overwhelm, how its role is to protect whether it feels safe or we need to protect ourselves. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss what happens to our bodies when stress triggers fight, flight or freeze stages. We talk about when we are exposed to any type of stress internally or externally, the nervous system takes on the stress, provoking the fight or flight response. The emotions this can cause is frustration, anger or we can flee causing anxiety, worry, fear and panic. We discuss how fight and flight still has energy but goes towards dealing with that stress for survival. We talk about how the freeze state is when we no longer can do anything, when we as so overwhelmed we switch off and how this can feel isolating and results in complete burnout. Our goal isn’t to be in the most regulated state but to know how to help our nervous system to help find this regulated state. Fight, flight and freeze are purposeful but not when we get stuck in it. We discuss the first step is being aware and feeling into the difference between fight, flight, freeze and regulated states. 

Anthia talks about the consequences of long term stress to our body and mind. How we mentally and emotionally burn out and how this can cloud your options, limiting decisions by being in a protective mode. Anthia offers empowering tips on healing from stress by slowing down, feeling into how it feels, putting space around your decisions and seeking professional support. 

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to discovering the connection between gut health and mindset. 

About Anthia 

Anthia Koullouros Naturopath, Herbalist Organic Food, Health & Lifestyle Educator, Author of I Am Food – Eating Your Way To Health.

Founder & Creator of Apotheca By Anthia – Naturopathic & Botanical Teas, Tisane & Remedies.

“My purpose is to serve, support & inspire you to take care of your health; to help you holistically heal; to fall in love with nature, natural wisdom, & natural medicine; to take care of our earth & humanity; & to live mindfully with a joyful, kind & open heart.” ~ Anthia

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

The connection between gut health and mindset

Biggest things that cause unbalanced gut health

Role of the nervous system during times of overwhelm

What happens to our bodies when stress triggers fight, flight or freeze stages

Consequences of long term stress to our body and mind

How to heal from stress 

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