Episode Sixty Six: Raising your vibration to step into your highest self

During this episode, I chat to Storm about her personal journey to raising her own vibrations, learning deeply about our energies and how they can support you to live your best life. She shares openly about how she used to be focused on health and nutrition on more of a health and fitness level and when she discovered the chakras everything changed for the better. 

Storm talks about how we all have our own unique blueprint of our soul to live our best life. She shares how she came about this concept over the past few months as a way to reflect on her journey so far. How we all have a blueprint, the thing that helps us to truly step up and live in alignment with this blueprint. Storm talks about how it’s not set in stone, it’s changeable and you can upgrade and shift things. By following your unique blueprint it helps you to be your highest self, to be full of confidence, self-love and realising that you are a soul within a body. Then understanding what conditions, actions you need to take to show up as your best self and live in alignment with that everyday. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss how everything is energy, what the chakras are and how they can support you to live in a high vibration each day. We go over each of the chakras and how they support you when in flow and what happens if your energy is blocked. We talk about a persons vibration and why it matters. How everything is energy and that’s why it matters so much, your frequency is your energy and your vibe. Tuning in to the frequency that you want, understanding that the higher you go up in emotions the higher you go up vibrationally as well. How you want to live in a higher vibration but if you are stuck in fear or doubt it’s a lower vibration and you can’t live a life of happiness. We discuss things that raise your vibration like dancing, laughing and what can lower your vibration. 

Storm shares the signs of external validation like waking up and checking your phone straight away. Checking social media to see who likes me and what are they saying about me which questions and brings up thoughts like am I good enough. If you struggle with saying no to people or putting people first these can be signs of seeking external validation instead of trusting and being your true self. Storm talks about her top tips for looking within, seeing where you seek outside validation and questioning it to trust your own way. 

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to raising your vibration to step into your highest self.


About Storm

Storm Davidson aka The Awakened Health Coach is a health coach x energy healer, passionate about helping women to step up into their power and live their best lives through raising their vibration and healing on a body, mind, soul level.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Raising your vibration to step into your highest self

What is your unique blueprint of your soul 

Understanding energy and how it’s a part of you

What chakras are and how they support you energetically 

Things that raise your vibration and lower it

Signs of external validation 


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