Episode Sixty Four: Creating a truly successful business online

During this episode, I chat to Nicole about how to be truly successful in business by being both strategic and spiritual. Nicole spent 6 years in corporate at a Fortune 100 company before leaving her career for entrepreneurship. She shares how to start a business online and the importance of working to your strengths to be truly successful. 

Nicole talks about how to pivot your business online during the current times by running towards something not away. Nicole shares how you have to be ready to be dedicated, committed, up for personal development game as well as strategic work. She talks about how personal development work is honestly more important than your businesses strategy because when you have the right mindset the strategies will work.

Nicole talks about the underlining key to business success is becoming a specialist and working in your area of genius. Discover your area of genius by looking back at what you’ve always been good at, what’s come naturally to you and the thing that people always come to you for. That’s your area of genius and the work you are here to do. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss tips on thoughts around the online space being too oversaturated and not being enough room for your business. We talk about if you are doing what everyone else is doing then yes it does feel that way but there is only one of you and you need to niche to your zone of genius. There is room for everyone, the key to standing out is being true to who you are and being in your own lane. We discuss how mindset can really support you when these thoughts arise and ways that you can convert these into a positive light.  

Nicole talks about how to reframe comparison thoughts that may arise by paying attention to what you admire in that person. Then recognising the only reason you can see how amazing they are is because you are seeing a reflection of what you have within you. She shares how if you are seeing anger in everything around you it’s because you are feeling that way. Nicole offers powerful tips on how you can use your social media to convert your ideal clients and how it’s all revolved around your brand messaging. 

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to creating a truly successful business online. 


About Nicole

Nicole Laino is a startup Founder (Hilo CRM), visibility Coach, Reiki master/teacher and the host of the Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast. She spent 6 years in corporate at a Fortune 100 company before leaving her career for entrepreneurship. Affectionately referring to herself as a Type-A hippie, Nicole understands that to be truly successful in business you have to be both strategic and spiritual. She combines proven marketing strategies with brain-based science, and her experience as a Rapid Manifestation Method Practitioner to help her clients overcome their limiting beliefs and develop their authentic message so they can become more visible and convert more of their audience.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

How to truly grow success in business 

The importance of discovering your zone of genius 

Why the law of attraction doesn’t always get it right 

Tips to convert your ideal clients 

That it’s possible to make money with a small audience 


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