Episode Sixty One: Loving life after loss and healing from grief

During this episode, I chat to Marie about her personal journey of loss and adversity. Marie talks about the sudden loss of her husband and father to their two boys in June 2018. Marie shares how using her signature strengths & inner guidance, she found and created her way back to JOY in a way that now ripples massive impact around the world. 

Marie shares some routines that can support you to anchor back into a choice of happiness. She talks about how there are ripples and waves of emotions like there is in the ocean. Marie shares how her family travelled the world before coming back to normality, how she remembers sitting on her living room floor and felt this huge emptiness flow over her.  She realised that up until this point everything was planned out and she did something that was so fundamental for her healing journey. She went into observation mode for the next 7-10 days, observing what was going on emotionally and physically. Marie shares how that was the most important tool she learnt that when things get really tough to allow yourself to observe and not to be judgemental, allow yourself to sit in the middle to let the storm pass. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss how to deal with loss and steps to turn around your state of negativity. We talk about not staying stuck in a negative mindset and knowing it’s okay to feel feelings. We talk about empowering activities that can support your mindset and that allow you to turn negatives into positives. We discuss the best things to say to someone that is grieving and what not to say. How trusting your intuition on how you reach out is the best way, don’t feel shy to ask simple questions and don’t say tell me if you need anything as they will never reach out because they don’t know how. By giving them two simple choices it’s easy to answer and to take action. We talk about how telling people about your loss is not helping them in that moment it actually adds to their stress and takes away the attention of what they need to process. 

Marie shares her tips on how to love life after loss by taking every negative and turning it into something positive. How there is so much opportunity in adversity when you teach yourself to look at adversity as a blank canvas it creates so much empowerment. Marie shares how it’s only us that makes it negative and positive on how we respond to it. 

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to loving life after loss. 


About Marie

“I want to heal the world from grief!”

Marie Alessi began her Coaching Journey in 2011. A choice that equipped her with tools she never thought she’d need to deal with life’s biggest adversity thrown at her…

Marie lost her husband and father to their two boys in June 2018. Using her signature strengths & inner guidance, she found and created her way back to JOY in a way that now ripples massive impact around the world.

Marie shared her experience in a book called “Loving Life after Loss”. When it hit the top 100 list in Australia on day 1, she realised she had something the world needed. Only months later she founded a global Movement with the same title, as this is what her life is all about: Loving Life after Loss!

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

How to love life after loss

Dealing with adversity

How to support someone who is grieving

Anchoring back into a choice of happiness

Tips for being in that void moment

Processing emotions and thoughts 


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