Episode Sixty: Regenerative ways to live, lead, learn and do business

During this episode, I chat to Meg about her personal journey with burnout and how she re-evaluated many of the assumptions she had come to believe about leadership, social change, wellbeing and impact. Meg spent fifteen years working in the social impact spaces, travelled to remote places all over the world and listened to stories of how people were affected by the systems they lived within. Meg shares how she had such a busy life working, travelling and being on constant hustle mentality. She shares how it all came to a halt when she was running a marathon, she limped over the finish line and her body collapsed. Her body gave in and she knew that something had to change. She shares her recovery story from undertaking yoga training to retraining the voice within to truly heal and create a slow living life. 

Meg shares her recovery process from burnout and chronic fatigue syndrome. How painful it was to get out of bed, she felt hopeless and it was a daily battle with herself and her mind. She shares how she started meditating, listening to podcast episodes around slowing down and completed training around mindfulness and communication with your brain. Meg talks about how when you’ve got a chronic illness and focus on what’s not working it can be so harmful. Instead, focus on what is working, do things that you need and that can bring you joy. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss the importance of focusing on the process rather than the end result and how much of a game-changer this can be. We talk about how in society we are taught that the outcome is the most important thing and we take that into everything that we do and forget about the process. Instead, we need to enjoy the moments between to really experience life, focus on the process and bring awareness to following the experience. 

Meg shares how to anchor to continue on the path. How peace comes from accepting the mess, understanding that if we are having big emotional moments that’s ok, it’s human. Once we embrace this and give permission to think critically about the assumptions we make, we can continue on the path. Meg shares powerful questions to ask yourself when those inner voices come through. 

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About Meg

Meg Berryman is a trauma-informed coach, yoga teacher, and consultant seeding and teaching regenerative ways to live, lead, learn and do business. She centers the body, humanity, connection and sustainability in her family, life and offerings – holding up a different vision of success that centers reciprocity, togetherness, learning and kindness.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Regenerative ways to live, lead, learn and do business

Allowing yourself to be held

Ways to build resilience 

How to respond to traumatic experiences

Focusing on the process rather than the end result

How to anchor to continue on the path


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