Episode Fifty Nine: Holding space in the now

During this episode, I chat to Dr Maura about her journey to working as a chiropractor and craniosacral practitioner. When she was a kid she was sick a lot, being brought up in the healthcare world as her parents worked in the industry, she was on all kinds of antibiotics and her parents saw it wasn’t helping. They took her to a chiropractor that rebalanced and supported her healing capacity which resulted in cultivating a strong immune system. This was the catalyst that began her journey to work within the chiropractic industry. Dr Maura believes that pain isn’t something to be taken away per say but to be made attention to, it’s a sign of something more. 

Dr Maura talks about the term, where there is pain there is purpose. She shares how to look at the body from a higher perspective and embrace the body as a vessel from this lifetime. Learning to have curiosity of what is going on in your conscious, by asking questions to see why and where this pain is coming from, we can then see them as signs to look in deeper at what issues are coming up to the surface for resolution. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss common body imbalances and how to resolve them. We talked about how always to start with the densest parts of ourselves. By giving your pain points attention and listening to what it is trying to tell you allows an experience with your body parts to open up and guide you to the root cause. We talk about how giving yourself permission to do things for yourself that you need and listening to these signs can lift that pain away. We discuss tools to connect to your true path and your truth within. How it’s about always going back to compassion to where you are at, acknowledging where you are to be seen and trusting your inner guidance. 

Dr Maura shares tips to help being open to lessons and learnings instead of shutting off from them. She talks about how emotional reactions are flowing from something that we are thinking, it’s important to feel what you are feeling as there is so much guidance when we allow ourselves to feel what we are feeling. The release comes when we give ourselves permission to be with ourselves, there is always going to be an insight from this when you allow yourself to feel. 

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to holding space in the now.


About Dr Maura

First and foremost, Dr Maura Moynihan is the mother of her 4 amazing sons, is married to her high school sweetheart, loves being in her body, full throttled dancing in her kitchen, witnessing people move through their challenges, going on adventures and has a hard time writing bios. How does one retain the energy and heart of all that goes into a journey in a list of accomplishments? Well, this is her best go of it – Dr Maura is a chiropractor, and craniosacral practitioner with a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and owns the renowned Rosewood Family Healing Center in Los Angeles, serving families from all over Southern California with holistic and alternative health treatments grounded in the Healing Consciousness.

Outside of 1:1 sessions, Dr Maura serves her patients and clients in groups, workshops and trainings weaving in her background of neurology, energy medicine, spiritual psychology, devotion, consciousness, health, and healing; intuition, and Revelation Breathwork to guide others on their unique path of freedom. She facilitates a monthly women’s group coaching membership, The Spiral. Each month they journey through a different topic of spirituality, Divine Femininity, energy medicine and consciousness in a sisterhood.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Holding space in the now

Connecting to your body to receive relief

The purpose of pain

Common body imbalances and their solutions

Tips to being open to lessons

Practices to hold space to seek clarity and direction 


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Book recommendation The Power of Now

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