Episode Fifty Seven: Fostering a positive mindset as a mother

During this episode, I chat to Kayleigh about her personal mindset journey and what made her so passionate about working with mindset. She started working with a mindset coach when she was pregnant and realised how she had subconscious blocks stopping her from different areas of success in her life. She shares about when she dived into mindset work she learnt how the subconscious works, how to transform her thoughts and reprogram thought patterns. This became such an empowering lesson that she went on to teach her son to help him cultivate positive mindset thoughts throughout his life.

Kayleigh shares the biggest mindset struggle when becoming a mother. She talks about how it’s a journey and the importance of having awareness of different languages we use in front of our kids. Choosing language and words carefully, switching words into positive and removing words like ‘can’t’ to ‘try to be careful’.

Throughout this episode, we discuss how to tackle the hard days as a mother and tools to help you get through. We talk about giving yourself grace, that you are doing the best you can, removing guilt and how to ask for help. The power of prioritising a self-care routine into each day by just spending ten minutes to do something for yourself that makes you feel good. Removing judgment and learning to trust yourself and doing what is right for you and your family.

Kayleigh shares empowering tips for mothers who feel like they’ve lost themselves. Creating a self-care routine, doing things that you love that make you feel calm and centred. The game-changing impact around making yourself the centre of your own universe, when we think about it our world revolves around us and you are in charge of your reality. Kayleigh shares her top tools and mindset hacks for helping to release control. She talks about positive affirmations and how you can start implementing them into your daily routine and how much they can support your children.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to fostering a positive mindset as a mother.

About Kayleigh

Kayleigh, the Mindset Mama, is a mom, mindset and personal development junkie, self-care advocate, children’s book author and multi-preneur. She is passionate about fostering a positive mindset as a mama and showing other mamas that they can live the life of their dreams while being a present parent. It doesn’t have to be this or that, you can have it all and it all starts with a decision! Through her children’s book series, she introduces affirmations to help children develop their confidence and self-belief from an early age.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

Fostering a positive mindset as a mother

Steps to take to change your language around your kids

How to tackle the hard days as a mother

The power of energy and how it can support you

Tips if you are feeling lost as a mother

Mindset hacks for releasing control

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