Episode Fifty Four: Following your internal guidance to live a fulfilled life

During this episode, I chat to Jessica about her journey to meditation and how it supports her and her family. She shares how it started with parenting coaching which grew out of her own struggles with parenting. She had her own acupuncture clinic at the same time but began to feel like she couldn’t bring that deeper level of healing into her acupuncture business and had a desire to focus on her parenting coaching business. During the pandemic she wanted to reach out to her clients to support them which brought her to The Ray of Light Meridian Therapy which is a guided meditation for healing and it uses acupuncture points, light therapy and power of our imagination to bring about healing. In the process of learning this therapy modality she was reunited with meditation as more of a priority. She saw all of the dots connecting and it felt like coming home, like this is where she is meant to be.

Jessica shares the type of meditations she uses and their benefits. Jessica talks about yin and yang styles of meditation, yin being of receiving and stillness and yang style is more guided meditation. Jessica uses a technique that incorporates spiritual traditions from around the world, using words to as an anchor to bring you deeper and keep your mind focused then you eventually get into that place of stillness. She also uses guided meditations that supports you deeply by having someone to guide you there and can support you to making a choice or getting answers.

Throughout this episode we discuss the best place for someone to start with meditation, is through guided meditation that allows you to slow down the busy mind as it guides you to surrender. We talk about how meditation can support you during these current times. How when you take that time to go within which is what meditation is about it allows you to connect with the stillness, it then allows you to meet those challenges without feeling so overwhelmed.

Jessica shares how to meditate if you don’t have time, how it’s about making time in your day and it doesn’t have to be long it could just be a minute of breathing to bring you back to yourself. Consistency is key by setting time each day to come back to yourself and how helpful it can be for your wellbeing. Jessica provides powerful tips to help introduce mindfulness into your kids life and how much of a positive impact it can have.

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About Jessica


Jessica coaches women through any phase on their journey in life to listen within, helping them to find the calm, clarity, confidence and deep healing they need to move through the fog, overcome the blocks, and find all that they are seeking and dreaming of.

About 25 years ago, with her Master’s in hand, she set off to put her education to use as an English teacher in China for a couple of years. While there, to cope with the anxiety and stress she was experiencing in the beginning, she began to practice meditation on a daily basis (something she had been dabbling in for a long time since she had parents who had always meditated). This led to a complete reversal in the direction she was going because she was able to listen to her inner voice and have the courage to follow it.

Now, she’s happily married with two amazing daughters and traveling the world, having had many more twists and turns, jobs and trainings along the way, she has found what truly matters in finding your way and living your fullest life is tuning in to that inner voice and having the courage to follow it. It also makes life a whole lot more fun.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Following your internal guidance to live a fulfilled life

How to tune into your inner voice

Different styles of meditation and their benefits

The best place to start with meditation

How to meditate if you don’t have time

Tips to introduce mindful activities to your kids

Recommendations for guided meditations


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