Episode Fifty-Three: Nourishing yourself and your family through positive nutrition

During this episode, I chat to Brenda about her journey and what sparked her passion for positive nutrition and lifestyle through infertility. Brenda talks about her painful four-year experience of wanting to conceive which resulted in becoming her biggest gift. She shares how she wasn’t getting answers which resulted in IVF being the only option presented to her. She discovered a natural fertility centre and went under the care of a naturopath who helped her conceive naturally by putting her on a program with organic foods, vitamin and eliminating bad foods. This program really became the catalyst for the work that she does today as it opened her up to the world of wholefoods and foods as a medicine. Brenda went on to study to become a health coach and helps others to raise happy and healthy children.

Brenda talks about the importance of finding the right person for your health journey that feels right to support you, that looks deeper and helps you feel heard and seen. Brenda shares her top tips for your health journey, like to never stop asking questions, research and look deeper and know that you don’t have to go through this alone.

Brenda discusses how to look outside of the cereal box for breakfast options and shares simple wholesome recipes that you can start using today. She talks about why she is so passionate about looking at breakfast differently, there are much better options and simple recipes that are quick and easy that make you feel so much better. Brenda shares what’s in highly processed cereals and what to use instead.

Throughout this episode we discuss game changing tips to get fussy eaters to eat nourishing foods. We talk about getting your kids in the kitchen, exposing them to all the different types of foods because the more they are exposed the more likely they are going to eat it. We discuss the idea of having de-constructive food on the table as much as possible, letting the kids choose for themselves from these options to empower them to make their own choices which exposes them to different foods.

Brenda shares her favourite natural sweet treat recipes, which ingredients to use, fermented foods and their health benefits. Brenda talks about her non-negotiables to set up the week for meals like having a two hour baking session on the weekend and how helpful this can be during the week.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to nourishing yourself and your family through positive nutrition


About Brenda

Brenda Janschek is an Integrative Health Coach and founder of Brenda Janschek Health and Lifestyle where she blogs simple, wholesome, family-friendly recipes and writes about her favourite subjects, nutrition, health, wellness and self care.

It is Brenda’s passion to inspire and empower busy women to nourish themselves and their families through positive nutrition and lifestyle, allowing them to turn up each day and be the best they can be. Infertility and various health issues awakened her passion for the healing power of food and self-care and its direct relationship to overall wellbeing.

Brenda has run her coaching business for eight years and through her specialised online programs has helped thousands of women facilitate healthy, sustainable nutrition and lifestyle habits that can be easily shared with their families and friends.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Ways to nourish yourself and your family

Easy integrated health changes

Different breakfast options and the health benefits

Recommendations to taking the next step

How to add the most nutrition into your kids food

Tips to get fussy eaters to eat wholesome foods

Natural sweet treats and fermented food benefits

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