Episode Fifty Two: Awakening your true self through breathwork

During this episode, I chat to Abbi about her healing journey when living abroad in London for six years and how over that time she completely lost herself. She shares how she went down a rabbit hole of self-sabotage, on the outside she was having fun but on the inside she was falling apart. She talks about her awakening when she noticed the disconnect within and realised she wasn’t feeling how she wanted to. Abbi shares about how she began to reconnect with herself, create downtime and questioned how she got to this place.

Abbi opens up about how she found breathwork through a friend and attended a workshop. During her first breathwork session she felt pure guilt towards herself for getting to where she was which resulted in her spiritual awakening and lead her on the pathway of breathwork. Abbi shares how much of a life changing impact breathwork has had on her life and her clients.

Throughout this episode we discuss what revelation breathwork is, how it impacts you and how it has such powerful transformations. We talk about how breathwork allows you to get into those deeper levels of yourself, how it opens you up to new levels and why our breath is our pathway to our soul. We discuss how transformational it is to feel the power of breathwork and we talk about our own personal experiences using the revelation breathwork technique.  Breathwork isn’t just about healing traumas it’s also gaining insight and clarity in all areas of your life.

Abbi shares her go to practices to expand and transform. By starting with awareness of behaviours and patterns, determining what’s working and what isn’t and why. Finding out the root cause, working from the bottom up through breathwork or NLP techniques. Abbi talks about her recommendations for a deeper connection to yourself when we feel too busy by starting with five minutes when you awake for stillness and how much of a powerful shift this can have on your day.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to awakening your true self through breathwork.


About Abbi

Abbi began her own inward journey in 2009, where she has gained wisdom from training her body in the gym, which naturally progressed to training her mind as well as working through her limiting beliefs and mental & emotional conditioning cultivated as a young child and the effect it has on Abbi’s adult life to now awakening her soul through Breathwork. Abbi now offers each modality she has used to serve those who are ready to Awaken themselves and their lives.

Abbi started out as a Personal Trainer 8 years ago, which naturally gravitated towards mindset training with clients, and has now organically developed into becoming a Breathwork facilitator.

As Abbi’s pathway of self-discovery deepens and her wisdom grows, she is dedicated to sharing every tool that she obtains in order to better serve humanity.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Awakening your true self through breathwork

The revelation breathwork technique

What breathwork is and how it can support you

Go to practices to expand and transform

Tips for deeper connection to yourself

The biggest things that hold women back

How to clear out the shit that no longer serves you


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