Episode Fifty-One: Minimising the overwhelm while parenting

During this episode, I chat to Shari about her journey to creating and launching Adore Them Parenting with co-owner Karissa Tunis. Shari talks about how she quit her office job about ten years ago when her first son was born, she loved what she did but it came down to, if she was paying for day care while she worked was it worth it. She was fortunate enough to land a guest blogging job which introduced her to writing about parenting, pregnancy and motherhood. When she met Karissa four years ago they really aligned with how they were parenting, and both had purposeful mindset on life, so they partnered up and were able to build something for themselves called Adore Them Parenting.

Shari shares what balance means to her how she isn’t looking for balance in her daily life as not every twenty-four hours is going to be balanced. She talks about the approach of looking at the overall week and seeing where you can create a balanced schedule. Shari talks about her top tips for maintaining productivity when tired. Asking yourself what do I need to do this week, what are the priorities and what things need to be done that will keep the ball rolling. Looking at things and seeing what actually matters and giving yourself permission to work on the mundane tasks when you’re tired. Creating a ten-minute to-do list to refer to and get done when you have ten minutes spare.

Throughout this episode we discuss game changing tips for mothers who are working from home to create more success in their day. We talk about a plan for making sure the kids are set up first, making it fun and creating a creative space for the kids to play. Then it feels easeful to get your work done and create that boundary while the kids are busy. It takes the stress away as kids are in their zone and you can get into your zone too. We talk about ways that you can connect with your kids on busy days. Your younger kids will let you know when they need you but the older kids won’t tell us as much anymore. Give your kids attention, ask questions and show interest in what they are working on to create conversation. By sitting with your kids and allowing time for them to talk about what they are doing or creating.  

Shari talks about how to recognise burn out by identifying what it looks like then acknowledging that this doesn’t just mean a weekend away or a spa day. It means addressing it each day, so it doesn’t build up. Make time for yourself and tap into how you are feeling throughout your day to identify when you need a break.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to minimising the overwhelm while parenting.


About Shari

Shari Medini is the co-author of Parenting while Working from Home and the co-owner of AdoreThemParenting.com. Her parenting articles have been published in dozens of print and online publications. Shari’s past experience includes working as a freelance writer and marketing strategist for companies across the country, mentoring and speaking as a mindset coach, and working with children and families in the mental health field. She understands the demands of working from home and loves sharing tips to help balance it all. When she’s not on her laptop, Shari can be found spending quality time with her husband and two sons exploring their hometown.

More info can be found through Adore Them Parenting website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Minimising the overwhelm whilst juggling it all

How to create balance in a busy life

Tips for maintaining productivity when tired

How to connect with your kids on a busy day

Recognising burn-out

Tips for home schooling

How to add in self-care to a busy schedule

Tips for frustration with where you are at


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