Episode Forty Seven: Understanding the woman’s cycle

During this episode, I chat to Jema about her journey to becoming a menstrual cycle coach. Jema shares how she has always been involved in the health industry and naturally fell into helping people with health. She talks about her own cycle journey and going off the pill after twelve years. After being in the health industry for over nine years, she noticed that no one talked about the menstrual cycle and found this really frustrating. As so many women have trouble with their cycles. Jema now helps women to live in tune with their cycle to create ease and flow in their life.

Jema shares what the four phrases in our cycle are and how to live in sync with these cycles. Aligning with an analogy of the seasons winter, spring, summer and autumn. we discuss how each phase has it’s own food, movement, emotion connection and productivity connection. How to use these seasons in our life and work to create a beautiful balance.

Throughout this episode we discuss how to adapt to live cyclically, by having body awareness, working it in with our seasons and resting when we need it. We talk about the importance of not moving our body in an exercise purpose, to move for movement when menstruating. We discuss about the additional two senses, imagination and intuition and how using our senses can create harmony and balance. We talk about tips for eating in tune with our seasons.

Jema talks about powerful rituals to get in alignment with our cyclical cycle, by tracking our cycle, acknowledging how we feel in each season and working with someone that can guide you on this if you feel stuck. Jema shares ways that you can embrace your period and fall in love with our self as a whole.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to understanding the woman’s cycle. 


About Jema

Jema Lee is a renowned period coach, menstrual cycle educator and speaker. For the past decade Jema’s been teaching women from all over the world her life changing menstrual cycle secrets and just how a woman’s period is way more powerful than she realises.

She believes that menstrual cycle education and body awareness for women of all ages is the missing element of woman’s health vitality, confidence and empowerment. Through Jema’s self paced full immersion (fun-filled) online courses, workshops and retreats she unboxes the (often) misunderstood menstrual cycle, so women can finally understand how their body actually works and begin to feel in control of their life. Her signature program, Well Woman Academy has guided women from over 22 countries.

Known as the down-to-earth, raw and authentic teacher who makes ‘periods fun!’ Her teachings are analogy-filled, helping to make the complicated stuff practical, easy and memorable! Located in Australia, Jema’s a day time mermaid, a full time human who spends her days coaching, dancing and creating.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Understanding the woman’s cycle

What the four seasons are and how to use them

The seven senses

Body awareness

Rituals to get aligned with your body

Tips for eating to your seasons

How nature has all the answers

Natural contraception methods


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Use code CYCLELOVE to save 20% off: 5-Day LoveYourCycle Mini Course : https://www.wellsome.com/product/love-your-cycle-course/

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