Episode Forty Three: Impacts of environmental chemicals

During this episode, I chat to Tabitha about her journey when she stumbled upon environmental chemicals and the impacts they have on our life. She started studying the body straight out of school and got a medical science degree. Tabitha went on to study naturopathy and nutrition. After years of working in the private practice she had an awakening on the impact environmental medicine has when she was pregnant with her second baby. Tabitha shares how reading a book called Chemical Free Kids really took the lid off her daily habits and how individual choices can impact health.

Tabitha talks about the worst impacts of environmental toxins, where we can find them and how they impact the body. If a women is pregnant with a baby girl and is having high exposure to chemicals through fragrances, plastics or canned foods. This can result in having inter-generational impacts on the baby girls egg count.

Throughout this episode we discuss where to start in reducing our exposure to environmental chemicals. We talk about maximising our resilience against toxins and at every meal or snack making sure it’s filled with majority of plant based food. We discuss life changing tools to reduce pesticide exposure and how to eat an organic diet on a budget. One of our favourite tools is the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 list by the environmental working group.

Tabitha shares how you can choose organic foods that aren’t expensive. She talks about how eating foods in season can reduce costs. Tabitha shares how you can start your journey to replacing products by slowly swapping in more toxin free options and how much of an effect this can make on your overall health and wellbeing.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to reducing the impacts of environmental chemicals.


About Tabitha

Tabitha McIntosh is an experienced and respected Naturopath, clinical Nutritionist, author, and educator with over 12 years of clinical experience.

After attaining her Bachelor of Medical Science (University of NSW, 2001), she went on to pursue her passion for Integrative healthcare by completing an Advanced Diploma Naturopathy & Diploma Nutrition (Nature Care College, 2005), and Post Grad Dip of applied Science in Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (Swinburne University, 2006). She is currently studying her Masters in Reproductive Medicine through the school of Medicine @UNSW.

Absolutely passionate about improving the health of everyone she comes in contact with, Tabitha’s resume includes presenting at conferences and professional development seminars around Australia and NZ, as well contributing to publications and Natural Medicine textbooks such as Clinical Naturopathic Medicine Second Edition in the areas of Paediatric Nutrition, and Environmental Medicine.

In addition to running her own Sydney-based private clinical practice for well over a decade, Tabitha has contributed to the profession by publishing her first book, One Bite at a Time http://www.onebite.com.au/, co-authored with Dr Sarah Lantz. Their informative, heart-felt, and well-researched book is intended to empower clinicians and the public alike to better navigate consumer and industrial chemicals – bringing awareness to their significant impact on the human body and health: outlining practical and effective strategies for reducing exposures and maximising resilience to live happier, heartier lives.

Tabitha feels privileged to be able to inspire her clients and peers to maximise health outcomes by making conscious choices for the health of the planet, and the health of the future generations.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

The impacts of environmental chemicals

Where to find toxic chemicals

How chemicals impact the body

Tools for keeping exposures low

How to maximise resilience

Tools to reduce pesticide exposure

Educating children about where their food comes from


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