Episode Forty One: Improving your health with biohacking

During this episode, I chat to Brittany about her health journey and her discovery of biohacking. She talks about how she had health issues as a teen in a time when wellness or biohacking wasn’t a thing. She started having weird symptoms like her hair falling out, not being able to concentrate and went to see her local GP. They advised her that there was nothing wrong with her but she knew there was, so she took the next step and went to see a nutritionist. Through her own healing journey she fell in love with natural health, supplements, nutrition, the lifestyle and healed her body. She went on to become a nutritionist and stumbled on biohacking for the first time.

Brittany talks about her passion with biohacking and how it supports her daily life. She offers practical biohacking tools that you can start using to improve your health and wellbeing. She talks about how biohacking doesn’t have to be complicated.

Throughout this episode we discuss how we hold more power over our genes than we realise. We talk about how our genes are simply a blueprint for our life but not determining factors for our health. How you are susceptible to family genetics whatever they may be, however you can decide through lifestyle and nutrition factors whether you turn the genes on or off. We discuss ways that you can get your DNA tested to see what you are susceptible to and ways that you prevent these illnesses.

Brittany discusses the power of nature therapy, what it is and how it can support you. How getting into nature can have life changing benefits like feeling grounded, mood stabilising, vitamin D and overall mental health. Brittany shares her powerful insights to EMF (electric and magnetic fields), the issues, lasting affects and how to start minimising your exposure.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to improving your health with biohacking.


About Brittany

Most days, you can find Brittany sipping her favourite coffee (goat butter, mushroom powder, and collagen) while educating herself on anything and everything health-related from the comfort of her home.

She is mostly known for being ambitious, fun, and passionate about nature and health-related, including biohacking, nutrient-dense foods, healthy lifestyle habits, and more.

Most people refer to Brittany as “B” or “Bio B,” the girl who is super-duper healthy and is always trying new weird health ideas… but only “weird” until they become mainstream years later.

She loves serving the world by sharing her health journey through social media and on her podcast Biohacking with Brittany and with clients one-on-one. 

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

How to use biohacking to improve your health

Parasite issues and how to remove them

What our genes can tell us

The benefits of nature therapy

Practical biohacking tools

EMF issues and minimising exposure

Finding the right foods for your body


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Podcast Biohacking with Brittany

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