Episode Thirty Nine: Uncovering and healing deep-rooted trauma

During this episode, I chat to Jess about her journey of healing through her deep-rooted trauma. Jess shares her childhood story, how her mother left her as a child in the hands of her grandparents. She opens up about being sexually abused physically, mentally and the trauma this caused.

Jess talks about how she didn’t develop the skills to cope with her emotions. She left home at a young age, started a relationship with someone who was similar to her grandparents and became a teen mother. She talks about how she struggled in life and didn’t have the tools to heal her trauma. How she kept putting band-aids over the trauma and lived in a constant state of triggering. Everything started piling up, she had health issues and was getting sick constantly. Jess shares about the day she went to work and her heart stopped working with no medical reasons for it. It was a miracle that she made it through, this became her wake up call and how her spiritual journey began.

Throughout this episode we discuss how we carry our trauma throughout our life and in all the decisions that we make. We talk about how to heal your trauma by traveling back to where it came from and feeling those wounds then disturbing those patterns. We discuss how most people don’t recognise that they have trauma because it doesn’t have to be big life events. Trauma can be taken from childhood between the age of four to seven and can be from when we are shown that we can’t be our true self, not being seen or heard or being loved through your achievements. How we take these beliefs into our adult life and can’t express these emotions naturally. We talk about how to look at how you are showing up now and then look back to childhood to see where these beliefs came from.

Jess shares how to start your healing journey from trauma. By taking time to tune into yourself, feel worthy enough to take fifteen to thirty minutes a day to go within and allow stillness. Then the universe starts sending you what you need, follow those nudges and you will grow more and more. She provides practical advice that healing is a lifetime journey, that we have to work on each day as new things arise.

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About Jess

After several bouts of burnout , a near death experience and a miracle recovery, Jess recognized she needed to make BIG changes in how she was showing up in life. Through a spiritual awakening she began to heal through deeply rooted traumas and conditioning which led to a total life transformation. Now, as a trauma informed life coach and intuitive healer, Jess guides women in creating a life of peace, freedom and happiness no matter their circumstances so they can step into their power and live in their purpose. Jess has an incredible gift of uncovering her clients’ deeply rooted traumas, giving them clarity on how they’re getting in their own way. This empowers them to take ownership, release control and move through the healing process so they can live a peaceful, authentic and aligned life.


More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Uncovering and healing your deep-rooted trauma

How to transform your life through spiritual healing

Looking at similar patterns that show up in your life

How you carry trauma throughout your life and decisions

Choosing different patterns

Where trauma comes from

The power behind inner work

Healing is a lifetime journey


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