Episode Thirty Eight: Supporting your hormones naturally

During this episode, I chat to Nat about how we can start supporting our hormones naturally and the impacts that our hormones have on our bodies.

Nat talks about looking at the holistic picture and how our body doesn’t work in compartments it works together as a whole. She shares about the biggest misconceptions around women’s hormones and how much of a impact our stress has over our hormones.

Nat offers her wisdom around periods, how they deliver so much information about our hormones and gives us the best view into our body. The issues around how we are taught to believe that period pain is normal and have to accept it’s apart of our cycle, when in fact it’s a sign that something isn’t right. She talks about how to use those signs and information to make life changing changes.

Throughout this episode we discuss the contraception pill and the effects it can have on our hormones and overall health. We talk about the dangers behind skipping your pill and long term effects of being on the pill. How the pill messes around with our hormones, body and health. We talk about tips around giving yourself a good six months off the pill before going down the road of conceiving to ensure minimal impact to the health of your baby. We look at natural alternatives to the pill and advice on how to educate our daughters on understanding their bodies and menstrual cycle.

Nat talks about how our body is constantly responding to the environment we put it in and how changing your environments can have a massive positive impact on your hormones.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to supporting your hormones naturally.


About Nat

Nat Kringoudis is a two times best selling Author, two times podcast host, and all-round women’s health and natural fertility practitioner. She founded Melbourne’s home of natural health -her clinic, The Pagoda Tree where she has helped over 20,000 women rescue their hormones and reclaim their best life. Nat has also created a range of products including Yo’ Nuts and loves to come up with unique ways of helping you live happier and healthier. You may even know her from her old online TV series –Health talks…. But what does she really do?

Nat makes women’s hormones happier than a Pharrell Williams song.

If you feel like there HAS to be another way –there is. She’s here to provide you with another option. Nat believes there isn’t just one way to health. Nat’s mission is to educate and empower women just like you, so you can get clued up on your body and take control of your hormone health. She’s here to help you ditch the stress, the confusion and the endless disappointment, and give your body the love and attention it deserves.


More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

How to support your hormones naturally

The common misconceptions around women’s hormones

Fertility and how it works

Understand the power around our cycle

Long term effects of the contraception pill

Natural alternatives to the pill

How to map your menstrual cycle

What you can do to support your health


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