Episode Thirty Seven: Pushing through your shadows to uplevel your life

During this episode, I chat to Kelly about her journey of pushing through her shadows to uplevel her life. She shares when she felt darkness and the weight of life for the first time as a teen after a close death in her family. Which lead to her feeling anxious about death itself and obtaining an OCD disorder. She talks about how she rewired her brain to not care about herself anymore and creating habits like counting steps.

Kelly talks about the pivotal turning point when people started noticing and questioning what she was doing. How she felt embarrassed, disconnected and didn’t know how to control it. When she saw a photo of herself, she didn’t recognise the girl staring back at her and in that moment she cut the cord with that behaviour. This sparked the journey to falling back in love with herself and she learnt how to take care of her body in a beautiful way.

Kelly shares how to avoid the temptation to fall back into feeling the same way. How having a support system around you is key in your recovery journey and obtaining the mindset of wanting to make the change.

Throughout this episode we discuss the ego framework and what the ego from within is. We talk about how the ego is not something to get rid of, we need to connect to it and ask powerful questions to find out why it’s talking. How our ego is the inner child within us and a bodyguard of our soul. It creates rules to keep us safe and creates a wall around us which holds us back from moving forward. We talk about ways that you can chip away at that wall, how it’s going to take time as it’s been there so long but with love and compassion it can be done. We talk about game changing questions to ask the ego like, what do you need me to know right now? Communicate with your ego like you would a child having a tantrum and be in the receiving mode.

Kelly talks about what it means to have confidence with and without the ego. How true confidence is showing up as a leader full of worthiness and not needing to be right or have external validation.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to pushing through your shadows to uplevel your life.


About Kelly

Kelly Gallo is the Founder and Creator of Kelly.Gee Coaching, a fully immersive and integrative coaching experience that allows beautiful souls to propel themselves into a metamorphosis of transformation. Totalling over 5,000 hrs throughout the past 4 years obsessing over all things personal development, neuroscience, and positive psychology, along with a deep rooted curiosity in holistic health and wellness, Kelly has developed breakthrough techniques that blend the power of neuroscience with the metaphysical world of spirituality. A true holistic approach to personal growth and evolution.

As a certified NLP, EFT, and Reiki practitioner, her mission is to support men and women on their own journey of self discovery. Allowing them to break free of limiting beliefs, damaging narratives, and self-sabotaging behaviours to unleash their greatest potential, gain clarity on their soul’s true purpose, and finally feel the balance, beauty, and bliss that we all deserve. Get ready to feel what it’s like to live your most vibrant, radiant, and meaningful life!

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

How to push through your shadows to uplevel your life

Avoiding temptation to fall back into feeling the same

Creating a mindset of I can do anything

What the ego from within is

The power behind a support system

Powerful questions to ask the ego

How success is not a destination

Cultivating true confidence


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