Episode Thirty Six: Creating authentic nourishment inside and out

During this episode, I chat to Tracey about her food journey from growing up surrounded by food within her family to discovering a career in the food publishing industry. Tracey has published many cook books that have stemmed from her love of food.

Tracey shares about her incredible career in food publishing and how she saw the rise and fall of it all. She saw the mixed messages of food, demonising what we were getting fed and she didn’t feel in alignment with it. The old thinking that healthy food can’t be healthy unless it’s difficult. Tracey talks about the reality that you only need three ingredients and it doesn’t have to be complicated.  

Tracey opens up about what being a priestess means to her how it equals leader and if you choose to walk on mother earth at this time you are a leader in your life. She talks about how the priestess is the handmaiden of the community and being of service. She talks about how we can connect with our priestess to create inner peace.

Throughout this episode we discuss how to tap into your food intuition by asking yourself what you desire first thing in the morning when you wake. We talk about Tracey’s routine of asking herself each morning what nourishment does she need today and what love does she need today. We talk about the power behind this practice and how overtime when you continue to do this you will develop a strong voice within that will become louder and clearer.

Tracey talks about tapping into your body and being aware of how you are feeling after you eat certain things. Creating a conscious connection to your eating, removing the thoughts around food being complicated and how food is the best self-loving act you can do.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to creating authentic nourishment inside and out.


About Tracey

Tracey Pattison is a global best-selling cookbook author, modern-day practicing Priestess, and an intuitive, seasonal food mindset + embodied nourishment space holder who supports women-identifying in soulful, service-based and heart-centred online biz.

Tracey offers bespoke 1:1 food journeys and group coaching experiences through Her signature wisdom series Priestess Your Plate and the Nourish Collective which supports women-identifying leaders to expand, abundantly, everyday in health, wealth, wellbeing and happiness all through food sovereignty that’s based in love and compassion for self.

Having had a multi 6-figure, 25-year Food Publishing business, Tracey has seen the rise and effect of food patriarchy on women-identifying with how they view themselves in heart, mind, body and spirit, and how they show up in the world either as parent or carer, through their work, within relationships, as a community member or as an ally for Mother Earth. 

Tracey’s mission is for all women-identifying to feel what it’s like to LOVE their whole delicious self – inside and out – every day. For them to witness just how simple and easy it can be to tap into and (re)claim sovereignty of self through cooking simply with nourishing seasonal foods that are in alignment with their own personal cycles of self.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

To trust to your intuition

Creating authentic nourishment inside and out

Connecting with food wisdom

How to tap into food intuition

Tapping into your body

Awareness of thyself

Conscious connection to eating

How food is the best self-loving act


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