Episode Thirty Five: The power of essential oils

During this episode, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dr Melissa Raymond for her online summit Healthy Mums, Healthy Families. I talk about my own personal wellness journey and how I turned my life around with the support of essential oils.

I share powerful ways that you can use essential oils in your day-to-day life that will support with your emotional, physical and mental health. I talk about my own daily routine, how I incorporate oils and how much of an impact they have on my day.

I talk about how essential oils are apart of a plant, they protect the plant from mould and bacteria. When we use oils on our bodies it helps with support our bodies in different ways. It supports our immune system and uplifts our wellbeing. I discuss that not all essential oils are created equally, some have harmful ingredients. doTERRA are the most heavily tested oils on the market. When you use high quality oils you don’t need to use much for them to work their magic.

Throughout this episode we discuss the power behind essential oils and how much of a impact they can have on your health, wellbeing and home. We talk about the different ways that you can use oils, aromatically, topically and internally. I also share about the different types of oils and which ones to use in certain situations.

I discuss my personal journey and how I suffered with anxiety and how it ruled my life. I started using frankincense under my tongue at night and it slowed down my racing mind and allowed me to have a restful sleep.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to discover the power of essential oils.


About Melissa

Dr Melissa Raymond is a self-confessed research nerd (with the PHD to prove it), dedicated mother, and Amazon best-seller. In a past life, she was a piano teacher and flautist, and though her future life remains a mystery, she’s sure to succeed at her next challenge, too.

Her present life is focused on Your Journey To Healing – born of necessity, and designed to take the overwhelm out of managing your family’s health and guide you through eczema, asthma, and other common (but worrisome-at-3am ailments).

After spending what felt like a million years trying to manage her own young son’s eczema, she hit on her formula for success, which she now gets great joy out of sharing. With her background in physiotherapy and spending over a decade honing her research skills, she’s an authority on what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to navigating the health system.

Dr Melissa spends her days striking a balance between work and play; developing new courses and systems for parents just like her, and cheering on her two children as they construct LEGO worlds, endlessly throw a basketball at a hoop, and challenge their limits on the trampoline.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

How to use essential oils in your day-to-day life

Using essential oils in your cooking

Why to use a carrier oil

The different ways to use oils

Ditching and switching up products to a natural solution

Top five oils for new mothers

Toxic products that are in your home


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Website https://yourjourneytohealing.net/

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Facebook https://www.facebook.com/yourjourneytohealingwithmelissa

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