Episode Thirty One: Elevating your impact through subconscious healing

During this episode, I chat to Rachael about her journey how she always knew that she was meant to help people. Her purpose and mission is love but she didn’t know what it meant until she was older.

Rachael opens up about her struggles as a teen going through trauma. When she turned twenty her spiritual journey began and opened up to different ways of being and reconnecting to herself. The moment that she discovered coaching she knew this was her calling, that everything was leading her to this point in her life.

Rachael discusses the power behind our subconscious beliefs, how they begin from birth to seven years old. During those years we are a sponge taking in everything that we are told, taught and see. We can start healing these inner child wounds by asking ourselves what did we not feel like we received when we were a child. 

Throughout this episode we discuss game changing subconscious healing practices that you can start implementing today. Through meditations, exercises, giving yourself space to hear yourself, thinking what you loved to do as a kid and doing them now.

Rachael talks about how we can flip our lack of self-worth. By uncovering where it’s coming from, asking questions about what is creating them and then creating space to heal. How you loving yourself is the foundation of everything.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to elevating your impact through subconscious healing.

About Rachael

Rachael Fisher is a Certified Mindset & Energy Coach. She works with entrepreneurs in elevating their impact & income through subconscious healing, mindset & energetic mastery, & deeply connecting to their intuition.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

How to elevate your impact

The power behind our subconscious mind

Looking at your self-beliefs to heal

Creating awareness of your inner child

Ego vs intuition

Mastering your energy

Understanding your emotions

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Website https://www.rachaelfishercoaching.com/embodied

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