Episode Thirty: Manifesting your dream life through wholistic hustle

During this episode, I chat to Nicole about her journey creating her dream life through wholistic hustle.

Nicole opens up about her childhood how she started working from the early age of twelve. How she has always been curious, explored and taken this throughout her life. She talks about her beliefs on having her own money to be able to provide herself with things that brought her joy.

Nicole talks about the power behind yoga and meditation and the impact they had on her life. How it then transformed into giving back to others to support them to connect with themselves on the deepest level. The power behind yoga and how it can set you up for meditation.

Throughout this episode we discuss the word ‘hustle’, how in society it’s taught to be a negative word. We are taught that hustle means to burn yourself out and work yourself into the ground. We talk about how it can mean, taking very aligned action steps to be able to manifest your dreams and desires. To work smarter not harder and not getting caught up in trying to control the outcomes.

Nicole shares her exact formula to manifest your dream life by taking aligned action steps towards it.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to manifesting your dream life through wholistic hustle.

About Nicole

Nicole Villani is a former Luxury Sales Executive, turned certified Wholistic Wellness Coach, dedicated to working with clients to Embody their highest selves. Nicole understands firsthand, how hard it can be to move through feeling
stuck and feeling unfulfilled. Through her own journey towards wellness, & discovering her passions & purpose, she has studied and cultivated tools to foster a deep spiritual connection, achieve personal growth, and up-level her life through Mind. Body. Soul integration. She has taken many clients through the process of Wholistic Embodiment, using Quantum Healing techniques, Manifestation, Meditation/ Mindfulness, utilizing private yoga instruction (for those in NYC), & nutritional programming to fuel healthy minds, bodies, and souls.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

Embodying your higher self

How to manifest

The power behind wholistic hustle

Tapping into the first in your gut

How to cultivate your dream life

Manifestation guide

Stepping outside of your comfort zone

How to take aligned action

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Links & Resources

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Instagram @thenicolevillani

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thehustlewithnv

Website https://www.whole-istichustle.com/

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Instagram @amyinneshealth

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