Episode Twenty Six: Releasing your limiting beliefs

During this episode, I chat to Lindsay about her journey growing up at a very early age and taking on responsibilities of being a parent to her younger sibling. How she struggled with connecting to her femininity for years until she went to college and started her healing journey.

Lindsay opens up about her personal healing journey. How she found sound healing, reiki, crystals and really came home to herself. Now she uses her experiences and tools to help others in their own healing journey.

Throughout this episode we discuss the power behind our limiting beliefs and practical ways that you can shift your mindset. We talk about how we can get stuck in looking at all of the things that we lack instead of looking at what we have. We discuss how to break down limiting beliefs, by identifying them then writing them out. Looking into the words that you tell yourself and how you can shift that mindset to positive.

Lindsay shares how you can tap in and listen to your intuition to pivot and create a life you love. Lindsay talks about the difference between our fear voice speaking to our intuition voice and how to identify each one.

Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to releasing your limiting beliefs and creating your dream life.

About Lindsay

Lindsay Schroeder is a Spiritual Wellness, Intuitive Business, and Mindset Coach with the company she founded Our & Are. She supports soulpreneurs and spiritually curious beings develop their intuition, reprogram their subconscious, get connected to their true selves, and up-level their lives & businesses.

Lindsay is a Reiki Master, light worker, intuitive healer, & a passionate Divine Feminine practitioner. Her services are often described as “other worldly” “without words” “transformative” and her favorite “like being on a spiritual drug.” Lindsay is a gifted intuitive, channel, and energy worker. She has cultivated a practice all her own.

Her comprehensive approach to business, wellness, & spiritual connection includes coaching, sound healing, mindset, lunar phases, embodiment, limiting beliefs, manifestation, EFT, NLP, crystals, healing circles, guided meditation, rituals, ceremonies, & much more.

In healing her own deep wounds, she found that she longed to share the practices, tools, and techniques that helped her release her childhood trauma, work through past relationship patterns, develop deep self awareness, self confidence, and self love. She is passionate about helping others become the conscious creators of their lives. Her approach to business is a marriage of the spiritual, energetic, and practical; this allows Lindsay to help her clients achieve businesses that really reflect who they are and their truest desires.

Fulfillment, abundance, self love, alignment, and deep connection to one’s own intuition are just a few of the myriad of results her clients rave about integrating. Quantum leaps, long term shifts, and major up-levels are standard practice in her coaching programs.

Lindsay has traversed many different terrains during her healing journey. She has traveled to places far and wide (both physical and etheric), she has studied and researched, and sought out healers of many different modalities to support her in her own healing.

Lindsay fell deeply in love with spirituality, wellness, and “woo woo” many years ago. She cleaned up her past, traumas, limiting beliefs and she started to teach others how they could do the same. Lindsay’s work helps others achieve their goals with more ease and more grace. Getting them to their destinations faster and in flow. Some say it’s like stepping into the vortex (because it is!).

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

The power behind releasing your limiting beliefs

How to release your limiting beliefs

Conscious creating

How to break down limiting beliefs

Working with limiting beliefs

How you have your desires already within you

Transforming the negative mindset

Tapping into your intuition

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