Episode Twenty Four: Finding yourself through your experiences

During this episode, I chat to Dan about his journey with finding himself through his experiences and learning to rediscover himself.

Dan shares his personal struggles with mental health, how he experienced his darkest moments and held on to find peace within. Dan opens up about being diagnosed with Asperger’s and experiencing life-shattering trauma at the age of twenty.

Dan provides advice around his unique steps that he took and now shares with his clients. Working through acceptance, getting clear, gratitude and listening. How these helped turn his life around and continue to do so each day.

Throughout this episode we discuss the power our mind has and how we can make changes. We all have the opportunity to go down the rabbit hole and knowing we have a conscious mind and sub conscious mind. We are speaking to the sub conscious mind in a language it doesn’t understand and it doesn’t work. Realising that we have control over what our mind thinks and changes that you can start implementing today.

Dan shares so many powerful truth bombs throughout our chat. How we should practice each day, being ok with being here and now. Accepting that everyday isn’t beautiful and that is ok. True power comes from experiencing the good days and bad days.

Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to finding yourself through your experiences.



About Dan

After receiving a late diagnosis of Asperger’s and experiencing what can only be described as life-shattering trauma at the age of just 20, Daniel spent the next seven years struggling to keep these revelations and events from spilling into every area of his life. As a result of his struggles, Daniel built a simple, four-step system called the Beyond Intention Paradigm.

Initially built as a lifeline grappling with suicidal thoughts, Beyond Intention was born, transforming Daniel’s life from misery to celebration. Through his own struggles, Daniel found a path to lasting joy and purpose and he wants nothing more than to share the tools that saved his life. To that end, he lives by this mission statement:
“To Spearhead an evolutionary uplift in universal consciousness by awakening people to the importance of their unique role. This that is already encoded in them by way of a deep and often ignored or undervalued passion defined as their Dream.”

Through his motivational speech, Daniel shares his vision of empowerment and joy. The books he has authored, his “Do it With Dan” podcast series (which is available on all major platforms, regular blogs, published articles and worldwide workshops; have all helped thousands across the globe. His prolific work recently earned him a spot in the Wall Street Journal as a “Master of Success”. As seen on Wall Street Journal, Market Watch, ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX.

More info can be found through his website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

How to work with your mind

Finding yourself through your experiences.

Accepting what you have gone through.

How to claim responsibility.

Evolving from experiences.

Being present.

Recreating your thoughts.


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