Episode Twenty Two: The importance of mental health as a mother

During this episode, I chat to Gemma about her journey with mental health and the practices that she does on a daily basis.

Gemma shares her personal journey with becoming a mother and growing her family. Gemma always knew she wanted to be a mother and when she became pregnant for the first time she felt good to step away from her intense job. She shares about how no one can prepare you for the journey of motherhood. She saw herself not fitting into the perfect structure and plan as a personal failure. Six months after having her second baby, Gemma hit rock bottom and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

Gemma opens up about her depression and how she knew she needed to get help. She created support systems to help support her in getting the help she needed. Her business Calm Mama’s Club was born from this journey. She knew that she wasn’t the only mother feeling this way, so she started writing blog posts sharing her experiences. Then created workshops and a beautiful community for the mothers to come, connect and a space for them to talk. Gemma opened the door for mothers to not feel so alone and to talk freely about their mental health.

Gemma offers game changing advice around mental health and the importance behind asking for help. Knowing that it’s the most bravest thing you can do. Acknowledging that you aren’t ok and getting the support you need to feel at your best self.

Throughout this episode we discuss powerful ways to become conscious of our own thoughts. Realising that your thoughts aren’t your reality. Gemma talks about CBT Cognitive behaviourally therapy, how to identify negative thought patterns and working to rewrite them.

Gemma provides incredible ways to help your mental health like practicing breathing throughout your day and taking breaks when you need them.

Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to putting your mental health first.

About Gemma

Gemma is a mum of 3, part-time PR and founder of Calm Mamas Club – a hub specifically designed to support tired and time-short mums. After experiencing periods of depression, anxiety and overwhelm since becoming a parent, Gemma set on a mission to help other mums just like her with a focus on self-care, meditation and wellness. Her site also includes a dedicated Wellbeing Directory, which lists over 100 amazing practitioners in areas such as counselling, coaching, mindfulness, nutrition, fitness and much more.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

The importance of mental health.

Looking out for signs of break down.

How to ask for help.

Putting yourself and your health first.

How to accept support.

The power behind your breathing.

Creating positive thought patterns.

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Links & Resources

Get connected with Gemma on…

Her website https://calmmamasclub.co.uk/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/calmmamasclub/

Instagram @calmmamasclub

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