Episode Twenty: Creating a positive mindset around your health

During this episode, I chat to Alysia about her journey through recreating her mindset around health.

Alysia shares her personal journey around health, growing up her family was very health focused and conscious. Throughout school, Alysia loved playing sports and didn’t have to worry about what she was eating. But when she got to college she gained weight and in-turn fell into a dangerous dieting trap. She thought she had to be this perfect size, be like people around her and created a unhealthy relationship with herself.

Alysia opens up about going through a toxic relationship and how she felt trapped. She felt like she was sacrificing herself everyday and felt at her lowest point. She realised what was happening, she stepped away to recreate herself and her mindset.

Alysia shares powerful advice around healthy living and eating. Doing what feels and works best for you. Moving your body in a way that makes you feel energised and happy. Removing yourself from expectations that it should be done a certain way. There is no rule book, it’s about working with your unique body and creating a positive mindset to support you.

Throughout this episode we discuss the power behind making yourself your number one priority in everything that you do. Honouring yourself in every area of your life and doing things that make you feel empowered. If you put yourself first, you will show up as your best self. Try asking yourself, what do I need to show up as my best self today?

Alysia talks about how to make small changes in your health. How to not overwhelm yourself, starting with one meal at a time then add on once it becomes a habit.

Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to creating a positive mindset around your health.

About Alysia

Alysia Pope is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Wellness Expert and Founder of PurelyPope. She doesn’t believe in resolutions or quick fixes. She believes that we should love ourselves and make ourselves our #1 priority year round. Her wellness philosophy all roots back to self love. Part of that is her belief that we can both love ourselves and want to better ourselves at the same time. In fact, constantly wanting to be your best self is the ultimate form of self love! More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

Healthy living and eating.

Filling your body with good foods.

Creating a positive mindset around health.

How to make yourself number one priority.

Meal prepping tips.

Moving your body with love.

How to set achievable goals.

Listen Now!

Links & Resources

Get connected with Alysia on…

Her website www.purelypope.com

E-book use special code ‘AMY’ for $5 off https://purelypope.com/product/leading-with-love-ebook/

Instagram @purelypope

Book recommendations

The Daily Stotic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

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Instagram @amyinneshealth

Facebook @amyinneshealth

Uplevel your life community Facebook group 

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