Episode Seventeen: Breaking up with being a busy mother

During this episode, I chat to Tabitha about her journey of transformation of becoming a mother and how self-care is ESSENTIAL for productivity- NOT a reward for it.

Tabitha shares her personal journey of becoming a mother. Growing up she wasn’t the little girl who wanted to be a mum but one Christmas with her partner and parents changed that. She wanted to enjoy these precious moments with her own children.

We hear about when Tabitha became a mother it changed her and she saw the world through new eyes. She felt like she never fitted in throughout her life but now she found deep connections with other mothers. Tabitha opens up about her struggles being a first time mother and that you don’t get to plan these things that happen. This fueled her to start a blog to share her experiences, lessons, how to have deeper connection with your children and how to embrace being present in the moment.

Tabitha talks about how no one can prepare you for having a child, how you need to find yourself as a mother. The importance to make yourself a priority and how this will have a game changing positive impact on your family.


Throughout this episode we discuss the power behind morning routines and how we start our day sets the tone for the rest of the day. Tabitha shares her own personal morning routine and how important it is to honour yourself as a person as well as an individual. The impact behind standing up for your own self-care and if you don’t look after you it will end in burnout.

Tabitha shares some life changing mum hacks that you will want to start implementing start away. Create a morning routine with positive direction for your day, find out your life purpose, lead by example and be the best version of yourself. Knowing it’s ok to have your own hopes and dreams outside of mum life, so you can show up as a present and better mother.

Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to breaking up with being a busy mother.

About Tabitha

Tabitha is a busy mama of two and she loves teaching fellow mamas how self-care is ESSENTIAL for productivity- NOT a reward for it. This simple shift takes mamas from exhausted and frustrated to energized and productive in their everyday life! She’s a lifelong Alaska addicted to bulletproof coffee and self-help books. She loves chatting all things morning routines, productivity, self-care, and personal growth and her mission is to empower moms be happy, get productive, and feel fulfilled. She currently shares loads of goodness on her blog at TheMamaMatters.com and offers digital courses for moms who are ready to implement what they learn to go from information to transformation.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

How to break up with being a busy mother.

Importance of filling up your cup.

How to make yourself a priority.

The power behind a morning routine.

Honouring you as a person and individual.

How to care for yourself.

Listening to your body and what you need.

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