Episode Sixteen: Ways to get your fire back

During this episode, I talk about my own personal experience with finding my fire again and my journey through putting too many expectations on myself.

I share about how I let the impact and other people’s judgements affect my vision, goals and direction. Which resulted in losing my motivational fire. When I tried to do all things, I felt myself draining and stretched too thin. I realised that I needed to step back and was putting too many expectations on myself. I honed in on one to two focus areas that I wanted to give my everything too.

I share tips on questions to ask yourself to find your way back or find your purpose or passion. Asking yourself; What do I want? Who must I be to step into this? What actions can I take in creating this desire? As a result your seed begins to flourish.

Throughout this episode I discuss the steps to take to reconnect with yourself, what you want and how to step into your vision. Focusing on what matters most to you, finding connection with those that inspire you, delegating things in your life that you don’t want to do, taking note of what you do everyday, incorporating exercise in your routine and I share so many more powerful tips.


Listen to this episode now to begin your journey to reconnecting with your fire.

About Amy

I’m a wife, mother and passionate advocate for natural health. Being a doTERRA Blue Diamond Leader, I work with women across the globe helping them create healthy non-toxic homes for their families, and reaching goals beyond their wildest dreams.

More info can be found through my website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

How to ignite your fire

Journey to self-discovery

Finding your purpose or passion

Recreating your life

How to flood yourself with positivity

Stepping outside of your comfort zone

How to focus on what matters most

Reconnecting with your inner motivational fire

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