Episode Fifteen: Recreating your health mindset

During this episode, I chat to Dr. Lisa Gadd about her health journey and how having a stroke at twenty four changed her life.

Lisa shares her personal experience of being really active as a kid and how it all shifted when she was twenty four. She was studying, playing netball and going out but it all changed when she woke up one day with a cracking headache. She talks about being diagnosed with meningitis, getting sent home then she had a stroke. Lisa shares about her recovery journey in hospital for months and how she still kept a positive mindset that she was going to get through it.

We hear about how she realised what health entailed and that it’s not just physical. Lisa discovered that health isn’t just how much your moving or what you are eating but mentally, the relationship with yourself and those around you. Lisa talks about how she recreated her health mindset and how it created her passion for helping others as a mindset, health and wellness coach.


Throughout this episode we discuss the power behind connecting with our truest self. How it important it is to connect inwards and work out what we need, then we can go out and serve others. We talk about game changing exercises like spending five to ten minutes a day to stop, breath and connect inwards.

Lisa offers advice on how we connect with ourselves, having a look at all the areas in our life, physical health, friends and family, career and spiritually. Then asking ourselves what is working and what is not? What are one or two little things we can do to help.

Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to connecting with your truest self.

About Dr. Lisa Gadd

Dr. Lisa Gadd has always been fiercely passionate about health, however It wasn’t until suffering a stroke in 2014 that she was able to appreciate the implications of what it is to lose bodily function, to deal with the emotional loss of poor health, or to understand the resilience required to rebuild the mind, body, and spirit post trauma. In this period Lisa harnessed
courage and a firm commitment to reframe her belief systems to ensure she was able to come back stronger than ever, and in doing so developed a new level of empathy for the clients she was working with as a health practitioner and a coach.

Today Dr. Lisa Gadd is an esteemed business leader and the founder of Living Health Group. She is an osteopath, fitness professional, and a nationally recognised coach and trainer within the health and fitness industry. In business, she takes great pride in nurturing the culture of her team and supporting her staff to execute her vision of caring and compassionate
healthcare focussing on holistic health solutions that treat all aspects of well being.

Today, with a Bachelor in Applied Sciences and a Masters in Osteopathy under her wing, and more than a decade of experience Lisa passes on her skills to the next generation lecturing at Victoria University in Melbourne city, teaching Osteopathy. She is also a valued member of the Project Gen Z and Ambisie community empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs in Australia and around the world to Dare to Dream via entrepreneurial education.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

How to create a positive mindset.

What your health entails.

Importance of looking at all aspects of your being.

How to connect to your truest self.

The power behind going inwards to connect to our self.

The importance of slowing down.

Techniques on how to connect with yourself.

Recreating yourself.

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