Episode Fourteen: Unlearning what society has taught you

During this episode, I chat to Rosie about her journey of recreating herself and her life.

Rosie shares her personal story of growing up believing everything that she was fed, to get married, have babies and do the soccer mum thing. Growing up that meant happiness to her, seeing happy families on television but when she got it all it wasn’t what she thought.

We hear about how she ended up in a toxic relationship and felt really unhappy. She was confused because she thought she did everything that the system said or told her to do. Rosie is now a single parent, everything she believed it all cracked and she didn’t know what life was or what to do.

Rosie talks about how she recreated herself and went within to find herself and create a life that she wanted to live. She turned away from the media, what was expected and stepped into herself for the answers.

Throughout this episode we discuss the power that the media has on our everyday life. They control what we see and how they don’t show us what’s really happening in the world. How controlled the media is by big corporations and how they aren’t allowed to put anything out there that is going to jeopardise their shareholders.

Rosie opens up about social media and how reliant we have become to our phones. She shares advice on how to step away from media, come together to support one another and how to create our own opinions. Not to be influenced by everything that we see.

Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to recreating your beliefs and stepping into your own self.

About Rosie

Rosie is an entrepreneur, purpose coach, podcaster and mother of 4. Known for her “no fluff, real talk” approach, Rosie is passionate about helping women find their brave, and use it, to choose again, and show up in the world as who they truly are. Our society nurtures a culture of comparison and box ticking, Rosie is all about unlearning what society has taught you to be, creating your own boxes to check, and having the courage live life doing the things that truly light you up.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

How to challenge your own beliefs.

The power behind media.

Recreating yourself.

How to change your mindset.

The power behind coming together.

Unlearning what society has taught you.

How to show up in the world as you.

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