Episode Thirteen: Soulfully selling and recreating your money story

During this episode, I chat to Jasmine about her journey to recreating her money story and how to awaken to soulfully selling.

Jasmine shares her personal story of her negative relationship with money, how she recreated herself and changed her money beliefs. She changed her mindset to knowing that you are your purpose.

We hear about her journey through using her human design chart to tap into her energy to change her mindset around money. Jasmine shares about the power behind human design and how we can learn to use it to connect with ourselves and change our path.

Jasmine talks about how to make soulfully selling and how to remove the icky feelings around selling. Asking yourself, does your service or product help people? If it does then there isn’t any reason behind selling being or feeling icky. Knowing that money is a energy exchange and tapping into our self-worth can open us up to receiving.

Throughout this episode we discuss the power behind working on your self belief and love. How this is the first step to receiving and opening up to abundance. Jasmine shares how to work through your money blocks and beliefs. Taking what triggers you from someone else and working out why that is. Taking it back into yourself as inspiration. Ask yourself, what am I naturally good at? What do I love doing? Then checking your human design chart to see what energies you are working with to take the steps towards your souls work and bringing in money. 

Jasmine opens up about her breath work practice and how much of a game changer it can have in your life and energy. How to bring it in to your daily routine and where to begin.

Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to recreating your money story to be a positive one.

About Jasmine

Jasmine Verville is an energy healer here to awaken & align women to Self-Sovereignty and their Soul’s Purpose. She works with leaders, influences & individuals to support them in understanding the importance of stepping deeper into why they came here & how the power of their message has the capacity to transform our World. Through the lens of Human Design, She holds the space that is needed so that your Soul’s vision & true identity can shine through, ultimately returning you back to your most authentic state of being.

More info can be found through their website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

How to recreate your money beliefs.

The power behind self-belief.

Changing your money mindset.

How to get through your money blocks.

Knowing you are your purpose.

Self-love and how it opens the door for money to find you.

The energy exchange of money.

Defining success for yourself

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