Episode Twelve: Surrounding yourself with positivity

During this episode, I chat to Jemma Malone about her journey to coming home to herself and how she recovered from OCD and fear around being judged.

Jemma shares her personal story from giving birth to her first child at age eighteen, developing OCD and post natal depression. Her struggles with feeling like she couldn’t tell anyone, it was taboo and fear that if she told anyone her child would be taken away.

We hear about her journey to rediscovery who she was and building herself back up again. How she started her business as a blogger for overwhelmed mothers and how her business evolved and changed from there.

Jemma talks about the importance of showing up for yourself and checking in with how you are feeling. By listening to your needs and following through with giving yourself what you need in that moment.

Throughout this episode we discuss the trap of comparison online and how easy it is to get stuck into negative thinking. Jemma shares practical tips on how we can remove ourselves from negative energy online. Taking a stocktake on our followers, how they make us feel and if it’s negative feelings, removing them from our feeds. Creating a inner circle of positive, uplifting accounts that make us feel good and positive. How much of a game changer this can have on your thinking. We talk about how important it is to stay true to your own unique voice and use that throughout your social media accounts. By being true to ourselves we will attract the right audience and loose the wrong audience in the process.

Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to coming home to yourself and surrounding yourself with positive energies.

About Jemma

Jemma Malone is a mama of 4 and a spiritual intuitive mentor supporting ladies from anxiety to awakening through a variety of different tools and modalities. 

Jemma is passionate about helping ladies to connect to their own soul voice and goddess within to understand how to build their own version of success, whilst stepping out of the box and pushing their own self limiting boundaries. 

Jemma offers 1:1 coaching, intuitive card readings, numerology readings, masterclasses, and soul work mentoring calls through her paid membership and free Facebook group. 

More info can be found through their website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

How to come home to yourself.

How to surround yourself with positivity.

Removing the negativity from your life.

Exploring your Goddess self.

How to find your audience.

Focusing on yourself and your business.

Staying true to who you are.

How to step into yourself.

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