Episode Eleven: Journey to coming home

During this episode, I chat to Arianna about her healing journey and her story of coming home to herself.

Arianna shares her personal story of growing up struggling with who she was, how she went into a deep challenging time with food and she opens up about her eating disorder. When she sought out support from a doctor they recommended to take paracetamol and from that moment she knew it didn’t seem right.

We hear about her journey in finding an art therapist and how that turned her life around. She learnt the power behind voicing what you are feeling and speaking your truth. She found a creative flow and this started her journey back to herself.

Arianna talks about the thyroid issues in her family and how she was determined to find a natural remedy. Arianna had a light switch moment in her life where she knew she wanted to do, to study nutrition, naturopathic health and medicine.

Throughout this episode we discuss the powerful changes plant based food makes on our life. We learn about detoxing,  quantum healing and bio residence. How to tune into guidance and signs from our body what it requires to transform. Arianna shares her top tips on different types of detox’s and how we can make a healthy change in our bodies. 

Arianna shares self-love practices that you can start implementing into your life. The importance of self-acceptance, forgiveness to yourself, being with yourself to allow ourselves to accept who we are and knowing that we are always supported on this journey. We don’t need to look to others for support, it’s without us and remembering that the universe and nature is supporting and guiding you.


Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to create an empowering relationship with yourself and how to start detoxing what’s no longer wanted.

About Arianna

Arianna Aunon is an Award-Winning Women’s Health, Thyroid and Cellular Detox Coach and Specialist, Healer, Food Medicine Woman, and Natural Health Advocate, a truth seeker and catalyst to facilitate the awakening of true health sovereignty of humanity. With nearly 20 years of life experience studies research healing, a journey of deep soul remembrance and coming home to her true-self, Arianna emanates vibrant health, the founder and creatrix of The Body Awakening way, a healing method that gets to the root cause, sets a powerful foundation for true health and

allows you to live your health truth, empowered and free. Arianna supports women around the globe to heal their body, thyroid, emotions, and re-awaken and embody their truth of health freedom. The plants always know best.



More info can be found through their website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

How to detox your body.

How to come home to yourself.

Quantum Healing

Tapping into your inner guidance.

Dry fasting.

Journey to coming home.

The power behind plant based food.

Tune into your inner wisdom.

How to connect to your body.

What food to fill your body with.

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