Episode Ten: How to create a supportive relationship

During this episode, I chat to Louis and Sidney about their coaching journey and how to create supportive, empowering relationships with your partner.

Louis and Sidney share about both women’s and men’s health and how they both work with clients to heal themselves and how to create a loving relationship with themselves.

We talk about what holds people back, fear, old stories, believing that negative loop in the mind and how you can strip it all back and step into your power. Louis and Sidney share about how women can honour themselves and their own self-belief and how much power this can have on your life.

Throughout this episode we discuss both women and men’s mental health. How we can support our partners and build a safe space for one another. The importance around knowing your boundaries, setting them and knowing when to walk away if they have been crossed. Louis and Sidney share so many powerful tips about relationships from both perspectives and how to create a open, loving relationship together.

Louis and Sidney talk about communication, about being very clear about your needs in a relationship and boundaries. This creates a supportive partnership that will thrive. Having a literal agreement to bring things back to love. For each person we have our pain points, emotions and we can project that on to another person but remember to always come back to love. This creates a open and save space for one another.

Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to create an empowering relationship and how to honour yourself.

About Louis and Sidney

Louis is a 27 year old certified holistic health coach and Qi Gong instructor. He focuses on helping men learn how to process emotions, let go of old pains, and release limiting and societal beliefs about who they’re supposed to be. 

His main focus and interest are how emotions are stored in the body and how to heal body pain through releasing emotions. His goal is to teach people to heal themselves, as he did himself, because given half a chance we can all heal ourselves. And avoid the health care system. 

Sidney is a 28 year old former Musical Theatre Actress turned certified holistic health coach. She specializes in helping growing souls level up their lifestyle and mindset, by helping them tap into their most authentic selves. With her clients, she shifts their focus to use their natural essence to shine in the world.

Her goal is to help as many people tap into freedom, financially, physically, and emotionally. The courage to be who you are and do what you want to do is a radical act in this world and she’s on a mission to put the power back in each individuals hands so they can be FREE!

Our message together in short is help individuals who are ready to level up their lifestyle and mindset, learn how to honour their truest self, so they can live a life of freedom, success, and worthiness

More info can be found through their website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

How to honour yourself.

The importance of communication.

Opening up to your emotions.

Creating healthy relationships.

How to step into your power.

Rediscovering your inner guidance.

Understanding men’s emotions.

Setting boundaries.

Tips for supporting your partner.

Creating a safe space to be vulnerable.

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