Episode Seven: How to find your area of genius

During this episode, I chat to Becky Keen about her journey from the corporate world to working on her own coaching business.

Becky offers empowering advice from her experience of leaving the corporate world, how she felt disconnected and wanted to find her true purpose. But didn’t know where to start looking, when she told others they said ‘Well what would you do instead?’ and she didn’t know the answer.

Becky talks about the stigma around that you can’t quit a job, and if you leave you better have a plan. Once she had her second child, she wanted to figure it out and felt like someone else was living her home life as she left for work. This isn’t what she wanted but she didn’t know how to get past the thoughts “this is what people do, we have careers and this is how it’s suppose to be.”

Throughout this episode Becky and I discuss the importance of outsourcing and only working on your zone of genius. Leaning into your strengths, what you are good at and where your passions lie. We talk about the notion around that you have to do it all in your business but you can’t do it all.

Becky shares about how to have confidence to charge more for your worth and working through own limiting beliefs. How clients that have invested more money in a program are more likely to show up, commit and do the work. How to price your services in a way that excites you to show up and allows you to do your best work.

Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to living your life the way you want to and having the confidence to follow your path.

About Becky Keen

Becky Keen is a Business Mentor for coaches and service-providers who want to get to consistent 5-figure months (and more!), sharing their gifts with the world. 

This triple threat – Award-winning Entrepreneur, Business Mentor and Worldwide Sailor to boot – will hand you the map you need to confidently navigate your way from “I just want to see that my business is real and happening!…” to monetizing your brilliance with a profitable business you absolutely adore.

Becky hosts group programs, masterminds and retreats in the wild beauty of Nova Scotia, Canada, the luxurious Hawaiian islands and the world wide web.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

How to follow your intuition.

How to lean into your strengths.

The importance of outsourcing.

Finding your area of genius.

How to charge more for your offerings.

Creating healthy money beliefs.

Having confidence in your offerings.

That you don’t need a ton of followers to be successful.

Connecting to your audience.

Listen Now!

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