Episode Six: Finding your truth and your path

During this episode, I chat to Laura Kyttanen about her own personal journey becoming a mother and elevating boss mamas globally to be seen as an asset in the business world.

Laura highlights that being a mother doesn’t mean you can’t do things. She shares about her own identity journey after giving birth, she didn’t know who she was, what she was doing and felt lost. Laura opens up about her awakening, how she transformed her belief system and opened up to community. She stopped feeling so guilty all the time about not getting tasks done, things happen each day that is out of our control and we have to learn to accept that it is ok.

Throughout this episode Laura and I discuss the narrative around that you can only have success if you work really hard. Knowing that we still have our moments, life is overwhelming and the importance in taking a breath and time for yourself to realign. How choosing 3 main things to do in your day can help you move towards your goals.

Laura talks about the difference how men and women talk about failure and success. How remarkability is more about what others think about you than yourself, if you write and share things from the heart, others will connect on a deeper level. To not be afraid to ask people “What makes me so remarkable?” Don’t be afraid to stand out but do it with the intention of empowering others to do the same.

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About Laura Kyttanen

Laura Kyttanen is a mama of two on a mission to elevate boss mamas globally so they are seen as an asset in the business world. By authentically opening up and sharing her journey juggling motherhood around entrepreneurship, she hopes to inspire other mamas to find their truth doing what they love best.

Laura is founder and CEO of Zielo Studio, offering business and mindset coaching for female entrepreneurs using a technique she developed which combines her deep business expertise with psychology and spirituality.

Some of Laura’s favorite things include walking on the beach, meditation, listening to books on audible, a cold glass of Rose´ on a hot summer day and enjoying life with family and friends.

What You’ll Learn

How to find your passion.

Transforming your self beliefs.

How success isn’t about climbing a ladder.

Finding your identity.

How to take action.

How to change thoughts around imposture syndrome.

The importance of detaching yourself from an expected outcome.

How to find your coach.

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‘Lean in’ by Sheryl Sandberg

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Instagram @laurakyttanen

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