Episode Five: How to improve your gut health

During this episode, I chat to Elyse Comerford about her personal inspirational story with nutrition, her wealth of knowledge about gut health and how we can take manageable steps towards better overall health.

How does what we eat have such an impact on our body? Elyse shares many life changing facts about how what we put into our body can affect our body physically and mentally. The starting point to improve your gut health comes from building foundations, look at building a health priority list, thinking about what are my health priorities and how we can make changes. The importance of focusing on what you are eating not what you are not eating. Rather than setting a certain date to start your diet, taking a step to step approach, one meal at a time and how much of a positive impact this can have. Changing one meal at a time and not worrying about changing everything in one day. That way it can feel less overwhelming and more manageable. 

Throughout this episode Elyse and I discuss the journey to filling your body with wholesome nutrition and the importance of checking in with your whole body, physically and mentally. Elyse explains how we can start making small manageable changes in our health, how to look at your overall body and were to see signs of stress. How stress plays a huge role in our overall health and ways we can take steps towards improving.

Elyse tells us the power behind how gut health can improve areas of your body, hair and nail growth and skin. How important it is to have your why behind each thing you want to improve. Ways to set up your day gently and without feeling stressed.  

Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to better gut health and a happier, stress free life. 

About Elyse Comerford

Elyse Comerford is an Integrative Nutritionist and Gut Health Specialist, and founder of The Gut Health Clinic.

Elyse works with clients all over the world who have had a gut full of suffering with lethargy, skin issues, digestive complaints, hormone issues, allergies, intolerance’s, low mood, autoimmune conditions… all those things that can stop you thriving at your full potential!

Elyse runs seminars and retreats worldwide, hosts online programs, and supports her clients through 1:1 consultation.

What You’ll Learn

How what we eat can have such an impact on our body

How our stress can have a huge impact on our body

Creating foundation blocks

The power behind gut health

The different types of stress our body takes on

The importance of creating your why

How our body adapts to stress 

What foods are wholesome 

How to get started with better gut health

How to create easy and actionable steps on your health journey

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Website: www.elysecomerford.com

Instagram: @elysenutritionist

Facebook: @elysehealth

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