Episode Four: How to lean into your triggers

During this episode, I chat to Kim Akrigg about her journey with unblocking her thinking and how it helped change her path.

Kim shares so many powerful tips on how to retrain your brain and your thought process. She shares her own personal journey through her teenage years with an eating disorder and how she overcame her negative thinking process.

Throughout this episode Kim and I discuss the power of words, what we tell ourselves and how to lean into your triggers to move forward in your life. How to retrain your mind from the stories you tell yourself and how much it can help. Knowing that all the answers you need are within you. 

Kim shares about how to take action, unblocking what’s stopping you, diving into the spots of yourself that you don’t want to, figuring out where you feel you aren’t worthy and healing by shifting the thoughts. How action steps help you achieve the high level of life and the power behind doing something first thing in the morning that makes you feel good. The importance of finding your why in each aspect of your life. 

Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to changing the way you think, digging into your triggers and learning to heal from them.

About Kim Akrigg

Kim Akrigg is an RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) Practitioner who works with female entrepreneurs to unblock them from what is blocking them from achieving their success. She’s also the host of Kim Akrigg the Podcast, where she discusses how to combine the metaphysical and the physical to manifest your dream business. 

What You’ll Learn

The power of words.

How to retrain your brain and thought process.

How our stories can have such an impact on how we think.

Flipping your thoughts.

How to take action.

Creating a morning routine that works for you.

How to re-frame your stories.

Flipping your thoughts into positive ones. 

How to lean into your triggers.

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Links & Resources

Breaking the habit of being yourself’ by Joe Dispenza

Get connected with Kim on…

Instagram @kim.akrigg

Facebook www.facebook.com/kimakriggphoto

Or through her website www.kimakrigg.com

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