Episode Two: How to become an Embodied Electric Woman

During this episode, I chat to Ly Aunapu about her personal and spiritual journey, how she took the power back and gave herself permission to be herself.

What does it mean to be an embodied electric woman and how do you become this woman? Ly shares so many knowledge bombs on what being in alignment really means, how to re-frame self-sabotage and the importance of being turned on by life to avoid emotional burnout – something every woman needs to hear!

Throughout this episode Ly and I discuss the journeys we have both been on that have led us to where we are today, what success looks like for us now verse what we used to believe success meant to us, our alignment and connection with our bodies and much more.

Ly shares who an embodied woman is, “It is a woman who is turned on by life, living in alignment, following her soul’s purpose, following her unique blueprint…”

Listen to this in conversation episode now to begin your journey to becoming an embodied electric women or further build on the work you are already doing for yourself and journey that you are already on!

About Ly Aunapu

Ly Aunapu is a certified transformation coach, mentor, accredited Journey Practitioner, creative writer, podcast host and workshop facilitator. She is helping women being disconnected from their bodies and desires to become an embodied #electric women feeling bold and courageous.

Despite being a published journalist since age 16 and obtaining a masters in journalism, Ly found later in life passion for helping women. Recently she has also shared her own journey with losing her hair to alopecia and embracing being bald and bold.

She works spreading her message globally through workshops, coaching women one-on-one, facilitating Women’s Circles and by supporting her community on social media. She has given workshops and talks at various organisations such as Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, CrossFit Active, Oski Yoga. Her work has been published in the Elephant Journal and Thrive Global amongst other publications. She has lived in 6 different countries and is currently residing in Sydney.

What You’ll Learn

How Ly helps women move from disconnection from their body and their desires to embodied electric woman.

How to create more energy flow and be turned on by your life.

How crucial it is to have a morning routine in place.

The various impacts of over commitment verse under commitment and the connection to burnout.

What it looks like to be in alignment.

How to re-frame self-sabotage.

How to achieve more connection with yourself and become a more embodied woman.

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Links & Resources

The Journey Method: https://www.thejourney.com/

Connect with Ly through her website, Facebook or Instagram:



https://www.facebook.com/groups/lyaunapu/ (Group)

https://www.facebook.com/realtalklyaunapu/ (Page)

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