Episode One: An Introduction to Uplevel Your Life

Welcome to the first episode of the Uplevel your Life podcast. Ready to listen now? Hit play below or listen on iTunes for Apple users or Podcast Player for Android users!

During this episode I introduce myself for those who don’t me know me and share my personal story, we go right back to before I started my health and wellness business when I was pregnant with my first child in 2015. But it wasn’t easy for me to fall pregnant, unfortunately. Removing the toxic chemicals that we were using every day in our home changed everything for us – we fell pregnant with my son. Essential oils continued to change our lives and have helped me to design a life that I love through building my health and wellness business. Sometimes you need a catalyst for change to push you along on your journey. What can you take control of and let it be the catalyst of in your life?

I discuss why I created this podcast for you and why it means so much to me to share my story to help empower other women.

During this podcast I will be sharing with you valuable knowledge, inspirational stories and conversations with industry experts in the areas of mindset, well-being, life, business, mindset and health. This podcast will empower you with valuable tools to live the best life you possibly can.

I am committed to empowering women to back themselves with a solid foundation of self-belief & self-worth. I promise you that the raw & authentic stories will inspire you.

I discuss how the voice inside a woman’s head, the doubts and the lack of self-belief and self-worth can truly hold you back from living the best version of you and your life. In episode one I share open and honestly how I worked through my anxiety and mindset blocks to get to where I am today, running a successful six-figure essential oil business whilst raising my two beautiful children at home with me!

You deserve the success in your life and throughout this podcast episode, you will hear how I battled having panic attacks regularly, anxiety and stress and the tools I utilised and put in place to overcome and become a successful entrepreneur, coach and mentor.

At a foundational level I realised that I didn’t believe in myself and until I overcame this all of the other work I was doing didn’t matter. Do you believe in yourself?

It is never easy to look at the dark parts of your life, but this is essential to moving past and levelling up your life.

Be willing to grow and inspire, lean-in to this podcast and let your journey unfold as you take a look back and then make a plan to move forward, to uplevel your life! Work on yourself, work on your dreams, work on your mindset – self-development is the crucial element to up-levelling your life and business.

Did you enjoy this episode?

I hope you enjoyed episode one of the Uplevel Your Life podcast, this is only just the start and I am so excited to share with you the many inspirational, raw and educational conversations that I have been having with industry experts.

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This little favour that I ask of you will help me to help many other women feel empowered and inspired to uplevel their life too. I am so grateful to you for leaning in and for being apart of my journey and giving me the chance to continue to support and empower you and many others.

Thank you so much!

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