Hi, I’m Amy Innes, a passionate Mumma of two, a wife, wellness and mindset coach, doTERRA Blue Diamond Leader, speaker and a breathwork facilitator. It’s a bit crazy to think how much has changed in such a short time. From my own healing journey I’ve become so passionate about wellness. I turned my passion into an heart centred business which supports women globally to ditch the toxic shit in their homes, their minds and their lives.

For the majority of my life leading up to my mid-twenties, I struggled with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, inflammation issues and needing to prove my worth through my work. I was a high-flying corporate woman ticking off every single goal at the expense of my wellbeing. Working hard and being exhausted was nothing new for me. Since I was 17, I had been working every single day, and work meant everything.

“After being burnt out from my corporate career, feeling a lack of purpose and being told that I will never be able to have children due to endometriosis, something inside me knew that things needed to change.”

Wanting to heal my endometriosis naturally, I started to look into alternative ways to support my health and wellbeing. Health became my number one priority. I completely transformed what I put in my mouth, on my skin or the products that I used in my household. I quickly realised that to change my health, I also had to work on my mindset, my inner dialogues and what I believed was possible for me. Today I’m a proud mum of Asher and Lacie and have become obsessed with wellness and a natural way of living.

“After getting pregnant with my son, I made a promise to myself that I would never go back to my corporate role. My big passion for essential oils led me to create a heart centred business while making an impact on people’s lives and being present for my family.” 

Although I’m proud of having built a successful business that has brought me financial and time freedom, it has never been about external success. For me, happiness equals being present with my family, enjoying the morning cuddles, having the time to enjoy my cacao and know that I have the freedom to take time off from work whenever needed.

After experiencing a significant loss in the family, I’ve realised more than ever that every single day counts, and it matters how we spend it. I am so passionate about empowering women with tools for mental and physical wellness, educating on how to nourish their bodies and how to ditch the stuff that no longer serves them. These are the core pillars in my business and what I’ve found to be the key for creating a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

“Nothing makes me happier than helping women take ownership of their wellness, their mindset and creating wealth in all areas of their life while making this world a better place. Since I started my journey, I have helped thousands of women all around the world, and I feel I’m just getting started. Everything that I once put on my vision board has become a reality, and it’s now my mission to help others to live their best life.”

Some of the certifications that I have:

– Certified Wellness and Mindset Coach

– Reiki Practitioner

– CTC Therapist

– Breathwork Facilitator

– EFT Practitioner

– doTERRA Blue Diamond Leader

– Raw Food Chef

My aim is to support women to make empowered choices about their health and well being, as I know it can often be confusing and change can be hard to start.

I’m a go-getter; I’ve successfully taken my health into my own hands AND built a six-figure business in the past few years.

I have a husband and two gorgeous kids, Asher and Lacie, who I look after full-time and consider it the best job in the world.

I’m an essential oil addict and a doTERRA Blue Diamond Leader; and building the Healthy Home Hub (the second best job in the world) has been one of my biggest achievements.

Professional Bio

Amy Innes is a wellness and mindset coach, doTERRA Blue Diamond Leader, breathwork facilitator, speaker and a podcast host. After being burnt out from her successful corporate career and struggling with endometriosis, inflammation, anxiety and depression, Amy decided to take full ownership of her life. 

Her immense passion for essential oils and wellness took her to a journey of recovering from her health conditions, creating a multiple six-figure business by sharing her passion authentically with others and creating financial freedom for her family.

Today, Amy is a mother of two, a dedicated advocate for wellness, toxin-free and conscious living. She has helped thousands of women all around the world to ditch the toxic shit from their homes, their minds and to live vibrantly.

Amy spreads her empowering message through  her podcast, online courses, one-on-one coaching, running breathwork circles, hosting retreats, sharing the power of essential oils and mentoring women to succeed in their doTERRA businesses.