Join the 7-Day Course for Busy Mums

If you are a busy mum, always taking care of others, juggling with a hectic schedule and are craving to have more time to enjoy the precious moments and cultivate a life you love, this program is for you!

Being a Mum of two kiddos, I know too well what it means to be constantly running on an auto-pilot – never to have enough time, feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Always chasing the next thing and focusing on the future makes us miss out on what’s right here in front of us.

Here’s a little secret – you don’t need more time, you need to learn to become more present and consciously take care of your energy.

Based on my own experience as a parent and having worked with hundreds of mums all over the world, I’ve created a 7-day course that gives you a powerful toolkit to shift from reaction mode into conscious creation.

The common side effects of the program include:
– Being more present with your family and kids
– Creating more time for cuddles and enjoying the little things
– A more peaceful mind and feeling vibrant
– Putting yourself first guilt-free
– Learning how to nourish your body consciously
– Shift from reaction into conscious creation mode
– Learning powerful daily rituals to feel empowered

7-Day “Mums Who Want More” course includes:

– 7 bite-sized modules that fit perfectly into a busy day
– Practical workbooks & journaling prompts
– Mindful meditation
– Visualisation & affirmations

Here are the 7 modules for each day:

– Conscious Daily Routines
– Happiness is an inside job
– Mindfulness
– Growth Mindset
– Taming the Inner Critic
– Conscious Nourishment
– Conscious Creation

Your Investment: $47